RECIPE : muesli crumble & soygurt breakfast mugs

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i got lucky last week !
planti asked me if i wanted to try out their new products, and i was all for it of course. but i got even more excited when i realised that one of the products is actually an organic soy yogurt. more good news – it’s unsweetened too. wait what ?
oh, how i’ve been longing for an organic unsweetened soygurt to use for anything from breakfast and desserts, to creamy garlicky sauces and dressings.

i like soy yogurt the best of all plant-based yogurts. the homemade version is great of course, i love it – but the process does take some time so you can’t use it spontaneously… so this is happy news for us vegans and health-conscious folks, for all of us here in scandinavia at least.


i’m not going to lie, i’ve been eating soygurt like crazy now, and i’ve gotten so many new recipe ideas i want to share with you !

here’s my new favourite :
what do you say – 5 ingredient berry muesli crumble, served in a soygurt breakfast mug. doesn’t sound all that bad right ?

this crumble is so incredibly easy that it can easily be made for breakfast or brunch. it’s also a delicious dessert that can be quickly whipped up, and healthier treats are hard to find !
besides, aren’t they just so pretty ? definitely an instagram-worthy breakfast if you ask me ^^


berry muesli crumble & soygurt breakfast mugs
2 apples, in thinly sliced pieces
300 ml / 1.25 cup raspberries (or whatever berries you prefer)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 banana
about 500 ml / 2 cups of your favourite muesli (my chai roasted muesli for example)
soy yogurt, how ever much you prefer (i used organic planti*, use homemade if not available where you live)

– preheat your oven to 225°C / 440°F.
– spread the sliced apples evenly in a pie dish and add raspberries on top. sprinkle with cinnamon (if you’re using my chai muesli you might want to be careful with the cinnamom since the muesli is already spiced).
– mash the banana in a large bowl with a fork. add about half of the muesli and mix. how much muesli you’re going to need depends on the size of the banana and the type of muesli. i like mixing with my hands and slowly adding more muesli until i get a consistency that’s neither too sticky or to crumbly.
– add crumbles on top of the apples and berries and bake for about 20 minutes, until the apples are softened and the muesli is golden browned. you might need to add some tin foil over the dish midway to prevent the crumbles from burning (especially if you’re using my chai muesli, since it’s already roasted).
– serve on a plate, or to make my breakfast mugs – simply add crumble and soygurt in layers in a glass, jar or mug. easy but so pretty !


other breakfast ideas :
chai roasted muesli / pink power plum porridge / super healthy granola
jennymustardchaimuesli1 jennymustardpinkpowerporridge2 granola1ccnew

it’s a beautiful autumn morning here in portland, and i’m preparing a fun little fashion video for you that’ll be up tomorrow.
hope to see you then kids !

love // jenny

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  1. Hello Jenny! Wondering where you got those cute glasses from? Love all of your recipes!



  2. reaally good i love this!
    dont let it sit in the layers though, mine got soggy
    thankyou jenny :-)

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