WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – quick & lazy

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oh it’s been ages haven’t it – a classic what i eat in a day video, how fun ! this one is special though, because i talk about what i eat on days when i’m too lazy or tired, or to busy and stressed to do any actual cooking. of course, everything is vegan, healthy, and mostly whole foods, just as usual. but i’ve taken all the shortcuts i can to come up with easy, simple, and quick meals for a healthy everyday diet, without compromising the budget, the nutrition, or the taste of course.

the quickest breakfast possible, with healthy oat milk and all the trimmings. a quick to prepare ( or even to cook the day before ) lunch that taste like a oat dessert, but still super healthy and filling. a dinner that more or less only requires some raw chopped veggies, yummy tofu, and the most epic 2-ingredient salad dressing in the world ( miso and mustard, baby ). and of course, don’t forget to fill up on fruit snacks and green tea in between. i even talk about how i get my b12 and my omega 3 in this video, so enjoy !

i love meal plan, food journals and what i eat in a days. it’s so inspirational to see what others eat, and you usually get some great ideas to try out yourself.

for the recipes in this video, check out all my recipes here – or click one of the specific links below.
healthiest ever granola ( oil and refined sugar free )
cold oats – the new breakfast trend ( that i eat for lunch )
how to cook tofu like a boss ( 4 ingredients, 10 minutes )

love // jenny

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