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the most asked questions i got after posting my WHY I DON’T HAVE EYEBROWS video a month back : what would i look like with eyebrows ? most of you seemed to want to see me in eyebrows. so i enlisted my trusted assistant and make up artist alexandra to fix this for me. and it’s one of the weirdest things i have ever seen, mywelf with eyebrows.

we’re trying out three different eyebrow looks today – each of them a brow trend this autumn,
starting with natural eyebrows, followed by instagram brows, and finally the sharp 90s style brows !

check out alexandra’s youtube channel !
check out alexandra’s instagram !

love // jenny

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  1. I also love #2 and you look beautiful with and without eyebrows. Also your hair looked amazing in this video

  2. alexandra is crazy talented – and such a beauty!
    my favorite browlook was #1. really enjoyed the video :-)

  3. De förta eller de andra var snyggast. Jag tycker du passar i ögonbryn och i den frisyren du har just nu. Jättefint! ❤️

  4. From those three the second eyebrows are definitely the nicest ones. Nevertheless, stay bold browed, please. That’s how I see you and you just look beautiful without them :)

  5. Andrea Puente

    You look great with eyebrows! They frame your eyes so pretty! Number 2 was the best one.

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  7. #2 is so lovely! i never thought i’d see you with brows. one thing that so great about a no-brow-base is it’s super versatile. thank you for indulging the internet <3

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