3 THINGS : songs that will make your heart sing

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feeling sad ?
need a little pick-me-up ?

don’t worry, i’ve got you covered.

go into the kitchen and make yourself something nice. then sit back and relax, and listen to these three gems with me. i’m sending you all my good vibrations !


take five – dave brubeck
smooth, sexy, and guaranteed to make your heart flutter and body move. my go-to mood booster.

o-o-h child – nina simone
you need more than a little groove ? maybe you need some heavy duty comfort. let nina take care of you !
no matter my troubles, whenever i hear this song, i actually trust she’s right.

got ’til it’s gone – janet jackson
one of my all-time favs. just so chill, you know ?
i’ve listened to this for years, it’s always on my playlists. and still i’m not tired of it. it’s sort of perfect, in my book.


if you’re still not happy, here are some bonus tunes.

love trouble :
cry to me – solomon burke
please call me, baby – tom waits
i’m on fire
– bruce springsteen
easy living – billie holiday
i get along without you very well – chet baker

money problems :
money – the flying lizards
mo money mo problems – the notorious b.i.g.

general feel-good :
pink moon – nick drake
like it like that – a tribe called quest
perfect day – lou reed
bad reputation – joan jett


ok guys, your turn !
hit me with your fav happy songs ^^

and if you’re in a sad place today, i hope my list could brighten your mood even just the slightest. and feel free to share your troubles below, sometimes it helps to just get it out !

lots and lots of love
// jenny

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  1. Thanks for this post Jenny, I needed this.
    Some songs I enjoy listening to (especially on a bad day) are:
    Human – Christina Perri
    Bad Day – Daniel Powter
    Let It Go – Frozen

  2. Status Quo and the Beachboys singing, Fun Fun Fun. I can’t stop laughing when I listen!

  3. Favourite happy song is definitely the “59th Street Bridge Song” by Simon & Garfunkel. Probably also “I want to live in a Wigwam” by Cat Stevens. Gods, I’m such a hippie :-)

  4. Ah, it’s funny because I always link Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ to the movie Trainspotting, so it cannot be a feel good song any longer
    Anyway, if I had to pick 3 songs I would recommend most songs by The Sugarcubes (like ‘Delicious Demon’ for example), any song by No Doubt (except ‘Don’t speak’ of course ) and, let’s say… ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen

  5. elizabeth Markovitz

    i just heard this song starry eyes by cigarettes after sex (great band name) and it came on randomly when i was having a minor panic attack. but it was so groovy and dreamy that i stopped freaking out and just enjoyed it! also have been listening to a lot of neil young lately harvest moon is maybe the best beautiful song ever! but i love all of you suggestions too!

  6. Looking at your favourite tunes, I feel you should have a listen to the following:

    Holly Palmer – Just So You Know
    Low Stars – Calling All Friends

    We can talk some more music over on youtube, shall we? :-)

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  8. Beautiful music!! I would love if you can share more music, for example your cooking playlist :) I always go for 80’s dance floor hits

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