BEAUTY : 3 easy makeup tips – for a dewy & glossy summer look

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do you remember my last beauty post, where makeup artist maria talked about makeup tips for minimalists ?
i’ve met up with the lovely maria once again, this time she taught me how to do a dewy and glossy makeup – which if we’re being honest is totally unparallelled for hot summer days.

maria works at make up store here in berlin, in the alexa mall to be exact. so if you’re in berlin and also want to get your makeup done by her, go over there and say i sent you ^.^


here are maria’s top 3 tips of what to think of when doing a dewy look :

1. placing the highlighter
for a dewy and glossy look, highlighters are great. place the highlighter on the high points of your face : cheekbones, brow bones, nose, and cupids bow.

2. blend
after applying the highlighter, blend at the edges so that it’s not obvious where the highlighter starts and ends. makes for a more natural, less harsch impression.

3. choose products wisely
there are several different methods and products you use to highlight and create a glossy, shiny look. at the moment it’s very popular to use lipglos or vaseline for a very dewy look. just keep in mind that these kinds of products easily smear and move around on the skin. the more glossy the product, the quicker it will start to smear and look less polished.
so a good idea is to adjust the type product to your plans – a quick selfie for instagram ? then lipgloss is the way to go. a long day at work ? maybe go with something less wet that will look good all day, like a shimmering highlighter.

since i was going to an event later on that night, and this was in the morning, we went for a less glossy and more shimmering look.


the products used for this look :
‘reflex cover light’ concealer
‘dual foundation’ (just on t-zone to make sure the rest of the face stays a bit dewy and not too matte)
‘microshadow trio flash shimmer’ highlighter
‘gold digger metallic’ eye pencil
‘gold eye dust’
‘daylily sensation’ lip gloss (with a smudge of the ‘flash shimmer’ highlighter on top for a metallic finish)
and we finished the whole thing of with a touch of mascara

( all products are made by and sponsored by make up store )


thank you so much maria for teaching me yet another smashing look !
do you guys remember the last look she taught me ? i’ve been using it constantly ever since – have a look here !

if you’re into makeup, we have a vlog coming up tomorrow with shots from when maria did this makeup on me. with a bunch of other stuff happening too of ourse ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Hey Jenny,

    I really like these products, especially the gold pencil you feature here. It seems like Make Up Store’s website is under construction. Do you know where else I could order their products from?


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  4. Maya Svensson

    Kan du inte visa hur du använde produkterna kring ögonen? Så himla fint. Jag är SÅ dålig på HUR man använder smink. Kram <3

  5. You are so beautiful! And your eyes!!It’s just AHHHH!!! I wish I had them!!

  6. Great makeup tips!
    I was someone who loved makeup but didn’t know the perfect application technique of makeup. I then joined an institute to learn makeup and am now working as a makeup artist for a reputed brand.

    I must say as a makeup artist that all these tips are really helpful.

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