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the other day we took a trip to the hoyt arboretum in washington park here in portland. it’s fascinating that you so quickly can get out of the city and into the wild. or at least semi-wild.

i had been so comfortable being in the city, walking on tiny picturesque city streets, with cute independent shops, micro-breweries, specialised coffee shops and kombucha tea houses.
i’m made for the city. paved ground, tall houses, glass and steel. i feel like my pulse is synced with the city beat. i feel at home.

but still. getting out into a forest or swimming in a lake – can you reach that degree of relaxation in a city ?
breathing clean fresh air with the taste of leaves and dirt, it’s difficult not to appreciate that. it’s been decided, i need both. city as default – nature as repose.

and if you’re living in a city like portland, you don’t have to choose. before we leave, we’ll go on a mountain hike just a short drive out of the city. what a luxury.

love // jenny

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