COLUMN : envy vs inspiration

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is there a worse feeling than envy ? it’s just such an un-flattering state of mind. you want what someone else has – skills, situation, energy, life, friends. so you feel the need to trash them to make you feel better about not having… whatever it is. bring the other person down to your level, instead of trying to rise to their brilliance. because like always, it’s easier to tear down than to build up.

envy is our lazy self’s substitution for inspiration. i guess we’ve all been there.

when that green feeling appears, i try to switch it around. instead of feeling bitter that my skills aren’t as good as someone else’s, i try to practice making mine better. if someone else could reach that level, why shouldn’t i ? or at least, come closer to that level than where i’m at now.
if i start scrutinising their skills, trying to find flaws, i will succeed. and i might feel better for the moment. but will my own skills improve until the next time a mad skilled person shows up ? or will i just turn green again ? and start trashing ?

how about i instead get impressed, inspired, and try to learn. then maybe next time there’s no reason for that envy to show up.

the only reason to be envious instead of inspired as i see it, is because we have given up on ever reaching that other person’s level. we don’t believe we can have what they have. so we get un-generous. envy is bitterness, powerlessness, a sense of giving up. inspiration is hope, a belief in yourself, and the courage to dream.

one makes you passive, the other pushes you into gear.
the feeling comes from the same source, just interpreted into very different reactions.

so the next time i get the urge to bitterly criticise someone, maybe ask myself – why do i feel the need to bring them down ?
maybe pick myself up instead ? take a chance, believe in greatness, make an effort.

it’s ok to get impressed. it’s ok to admit inferiority.
the question is – what to do with it. complain ? or get a move on ?

love // jenny



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  5. Junie Storey

    Hi Jenny, Junie here, from Cape Town SA. Iv been following you for a while, a bit technology retarded, but getting there. I dont usually leave comments anywhere, but I have to thank you for your wonderful strong words of wisdom on envy. You truly touched my soul and renewed a sence of peace in me. We are nothing if we let negative influences flush our dreams down the loo. Being true to ones self is a constant battle….and the battlefield is day to day life. Well done to both you and David, I am so enjoying watching his confidence grow since you first introduced him to us. Thanks for all your hard work and for allowing me a glimpse of life up there in the North. I cant wait for your next post. J XXXXX

  6. Thanks Jenny. Again your inspiring words are uplifting, especially when we live in a world where criticism (often of the non-constructive kind) is the norm. I strongly believe that if we are to lead more compassionate lifestyles, then this also means with ourselves, and learning to believe that we are worthy individuals – regardless of someone else’s status, abilities or fame. No matter who we are, each and every one of us has something beautiful to offer the world, and if other individuals can be of inspiration to us so we can unleash that power, then how amazing is that! :)

    Best wishes and looking forward to your next video (me and my partner also love the mustard on movies channel too) xxxx

    Marissa (aka: Nourishing Routes)

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