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first of all, it’s not about eating less.
for me, it’s about eating well.

high quality food, that has as little an impact on the environment as possible.
deliciously pleasurable food, that at the same time is good for my body.
simple food with few ingredients, that still has quite some thought put into to it.
beautifully prepared fresh food, that is uncomplicated and easy to make.

basically – eating as well as i can for my body, taste buds, the planet and everyone on it. food boiled down to its absolute best, and yet simplest.


and for me, being vegan is a huge part of that. i would find it difficult to call myself a minimalist on a non-vegan diet. eating low on the food chain is the minimalist way to go. living a life where as few resources as possible are wasted.
eating the grain. not feeding the grain to the animal, to later eat the animal – while loosing 90 percent of the energy in the process.

buying the small organic jar of peanut butter, with only 2 ingredients – instead of the largest, cheapest in the store, with ingredients i can’t even pronounce. and enjoying it so much more because of the quality and ethical production. and as a result needing less to feel happy and satisfied.
buying good quality food doesn’t have to be that much more expensive. here in sweden, organic and locally grown oats, carrots, apples, pasta, peas, and cabbage are all as cheap as it gets. i make that my bulk. and eat smaller servings of the more expensive treats.

it’s going out to a nice restaurant with great produce and thought-through dishes once a month, rather than getting cheaper fast food for lunch everyday.


i want to point out one thing though, being a minimalist is not about being a perfectionist. this is a huge misconception. minimalism can sometimes come across as very perfectionist and strict, and for me that’s not true at all. i don’t always buy organic veg, i don’t have rules that i follow. and i definitely don’t frown upon people with another lifestyle than my own.
i just try to live life as well as i possibly can. without it being difficult or strenuous. because remember, it’s about living simply and happily, not complicating or over-thinking things.


i know not all minimalists will agree with this post. but that’s one of the things i love about minimalism – it’s not dogmatic. there are no leaders, rules, or sacred texts. we all make up our own philosophy, getting inspiration from each other.
if you’re an aesthetic minimalist for example, you might have never even thought about how to eat like a minimalist. and that’s fine too.

do you want to know which type of minimalist you are ?
read my column are you a minimalist,
or my view on how to start when becoming a minimalist.

love // jenny

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  1. Men hur i hela världen har jag missat dig, känns som jag plötsligt upptäckt en gömd skatt (ja gömd för mig då, sist på bollen som vanligt). Otroligt inspirerande sida och vad många bra videos du publicerar, verkligen impad! Älskar ditt inlägg om minimalism och jag är def en, min kreativitet fungerar inte med “clutter” runt mig vilket alltid känts så annorlunda mot många andra kreatörer och bohemer. Skönt att det finns fler! <3 Nu ska jag bara införskaffa din bok också <3 till dig! /Mary

  2. I get so inspired by your posts! There’s a vegan challenge in the Netherlands this month. To be honest, I don’t eat vegan. I ate not that much meat, but I a few weeks ago I made the decision to stop eating meat at all. I’m looking for better alternatives for the things I used to eat ass well. I know this is nothing but the beginning, but I love to get inspired by blogs like yours. I also like the fact that you don’t talk about rules, but about a lifestyle. Next week a vegan friend and I are going to bake something sweet and I’m defenitely going to scroll through your recipes! Thanks!

  3. The minimalist way of life has always inspired me, and I actually follow a great many minimalist blogs. A lot of them are actually minimalist in aesthetic and lifestyle (routines, time planning, organizing, etc), although not so much in food. I wouldn’t actually call myself a minimalist, but I must say that your simple way of life, and choosing to give yourself the best in terms of food has really inspired me to do the same. It’s a small change, I’m not even vegetarian to begin with or foresee myself changing in the near future, but I’ve been slowly trying to cut down on unhealthy foods or to eat in moderation instead. Thanks to you I have been trying to make myself healthy midnight snacks… so that not only do I refrain from starving myself, but I actually nourish my body at the same time.. so thank you.


  4. I really enjoy your blog posts! Keep them coming :) and i am looking forward to hopefully see you in berlin :)

  5. Köpt din bok! Har inte provat än, boken kom igår, men jag ser att recepten är spännande, nyttiga, nytänkande och goda. Passade på att lägga ut boken på min fb sida, känner några veganer.
    Nu ska jag organisera i köket, hej!

  6. Thank you for this post! I’m finding that I am slowly having a shorter and shorter grocery list every week and I think I may be leaning to more minimalistic foods. It has been a long time since I’ve had cookies for snacks actually. Instead, I have been enjoying big bowls of cherry tomatoes and fruits as snacks.

    I hope to try to follow that amazing restaurant idea. My friends and I are all students so the budget is always tight, but once a month of delicious, wholesome food sounds good to me :)

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  10. This post makes so much sense to me, and being a vegan seems like the way to go if you are a minimalist, and also for the good of the planet in general, but I would find it so hard to give up eating all animal products! I’m currently vegetarian though, and have been for 10 years so I feel that at least it’s better than nothing.

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