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since i work a lot and my job is also my hobby, it’s easy to never take time off. especially since i work from home, sometimes the lines between work and play become blurry. i’m guessing a few of you who work from home or are students can relate.

here’s what i’ve discovered about myself – the blurry line doesn’t have to be a bad thing. sure, i need time devoted completely to work, and breaks where no work is allowed. but i probably feel most at home in the blurry in-between.

when i’m not working too intensely, feeling stressed and in life-and-death mode. when i’m not too lazy, having nothing to do, procrastinating.
but instead when i’m productively relaxed, what they call in the zone, in a flow. not rushed, not tired. but focused and creative. when things come easy. when ideas pop like popcorn. when work is fun and rewarding. that’s my favourite state of mind.

when you have time enough to go to a café to work, getting inspired by people in the street, and small indie shops on the way. this is what lots of days here in portland have been like. working while getting inspired. more inspiration in than what needs to come out, if that makes sense.


i’ve been having sort of a hard time accepting this about myself though. somehow i feel like i’m failing both at work and play when i’m in this blurry space in-between. like i’m neither working hard enough, nor getting rested enough. this is the logic of an all-or-nothing personality.

so i’m changing my mind. being relaxed while working must be ok. for all of us all-or-nothings out there, balance should be considered success. i always have to remind myself of that.

working, without intensity. relaxing, without procrastinating. as much impressions in as expressions out. and i know when i hit the right spot – i can tell straight away when i’m in that relaxed and still productive zone. usually it doesn’t take much. a cup of tea, some jazz, a comfy chair, a fun column to write – and i’m there. i create an environment that i know will tickle my creative nerve. it’s all about finding those things that get you going, whether that creativity is a part of your job or a hobby.

finding the bell that will get your inner pavlov’s dog to start drooling so to speak.

love // jenny

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on the cute-as-can-be street division here in portland, taking a walk and then spending the afternoon working in café dapper and wise – me having green tea, and david black tea with plant milk as usual. our host sara had a weird ginger herbal tea, that almost tasted like a savoury soup. interesting, she seemed pleased with it.

wearing ZL by zlism bomber jacket, and brandi foo top (sponsored products)


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