ETC : 10 money saving hacks

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in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of creating that minimalist dream life is – learning how to stop wasting money on unnecessary things. in this video i share mine and david’s top tips for saving money, without the sadness and depressiveness of being cheap.

over the last couple of years when building this online career of ours, we’ve managed to live off of just one salary, or sometimes not even that. and we’ve done so while living in london and stockholm – two of the most expensive cities in the world.

it’s not been easy. it has definitely not been all fun. but it has so been worth it since we’re now able to both of us live comfortably off of or own creative business.
here’s a few tips on how we saved in on every penny !

one of the best things about being drawn to minimalism is that you after a while realise how little money you actually need to be safe, comfortable, and happy. sure money is fun, and money makes life easier in a lot of ways. but i think we generally need much less than we think.

now here’s hoping that our more extreme money saving days are over and we can start splurging a bit to treat ourselves. now being able to do so is something i feel we really deserve.
but again, if you – like us – value building your own dream life and lifestyle more than you do money, we want to send some encouragement. even on the darkest days of this journey, it has been worth it. i don’t regret one bit of it !

love // jenny

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  2. Hej
    Tänker du också på använda ekologiskt och giftfria produkter
    Vegan hudvård och makeup
    GOTS cotton produkter
    Kram ☀️

  3. Great video! My best tips is doing a budget and spending using CASH. It lets you feel the pinch and when it’s gone it’s gone!

  4. Packing my lunch and a snack every day….. Home made food, usually left over dinner from last night works most of the time.

  5. Interestingly enough, I was spending all the money I was making. So my thought was that I should make more money. But something strange happened when I started to make more money. Again, I was spending it all. How could this be possible? Indeed it was though, and I realized that I had given myself permission to spend more money and always find excuses on why this was important.
    It was only when I turned to minimalism that I understood that my expenses were not only not necessary but also time wasters with no meaning.
    So, by applying minimal lifestyle principles, I was seeing more money left on my accounts and as a bonus I was experiencing a more fulfilling life.
    What I want to say is that adopting a minimal lifestyle on your expenses, it’s not being cheap as many say, it is literally Less is More :)

  6. I think people get caught up in the daily grind of general life that they think they need more than what they have all the time. But, at the end of the day if you’re perfectly happy and content, then that’s all that matters. I think it’s easy to lose focus of this sometimes. Thanks for the great tips!

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  8. Over here it’s actually cheaper to buy food from stalls, than cooking at home.
    I’ve decided to cut down on meat for lunch because it’s cheaper to have more vegetables.

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