ETC : a productive saturday | behind the scenes snapshots

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me and david try to have sundays off ( with varying results ) and we save the most fun work tasks of the week for saturdays, to have something chill to look forward to, and at the same time get into the weekend mode.

today has been no exception !
most fun work day in a long time.

i’ve been taking some snapshots with my iphone of what we’ve been getting up to today.
ok, so it’s mostly food pics…
but hey, a girl’s gotta eat !

speaking of, this was my breakfast. soy milk, berries, apple and my healthiest ever homemade granola. yum ! probably my favourite breakfast.

we had a video shoot today, so at breakfast, i planned a little bit what to say and wrote down bullet points. we shot a new episode of the becoming minimalist series.
almost every morning we have a breakfast meeting to sort of get on the same page of what the day should be like. it’s one of the best moments of the day really.

i’m ready for my closeup mr david.

it takes a lot of focus and energy to shoot these talkie videos, so afterwards i always feel a bit like i’ve been hit in the head. we took a lunch break and i got some well-needed brain rest.

spinach and potato soup with homemade chili sauce.

after lunch david made us each a cup of tea – white for him, black for me, as usual. isn’t our new cups just the cutest ?

while sipping on our teas, we actually started on a new project we’ve been talking about for a while !
it’s a video project that we’re both super excited about – and today we had the first test shoot. i can honestly say that this was the most fun video to shoot ever.

let’s see how it will look in the editing room !
after i’m done writing this, i’m joining david in front of the imac to see the result of this new type of video.

when i make a talkie video for you guys, this is what i’m looking at. it’s weird thinking of all of you being on the other side of that lens, when all i see is a black circle ^^

ok, i’m spending the rest of my saturday editing video with david !
that might sound like a boring saturday night, but really – i can’t think of anything i’d rather be doing.

hope you’re having as much fun today as i am !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    I have been enjoying your videos and blog posts so much! Since I discovered you, my vegan diet has improved (and I am a nutritionist, shhh) and my snacks are healthier and more inspired! I hope you will post recipes for the spinach & potato soup and especially your homemade chili. I also love your minimalism series.
    Love from Canada,

  2. Virgo Nerviosa

    And yet, despite having to stare at that black circle you manage to make it feel like you are talking to us directly. I think you look very natural on camera, with your own style and singularity. And that’s coool :).

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