ETC : celebrating my cookbook NEW VEGAN

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did you see my video yesterday ?
if you did, thank you so much for sharing that moment with me. i can’t believe that my cookbook new vegan now is out ! after keeping this a secret since october, it almost feels unreal that the day has come.
finally !
i’m so incredibly happy.

and getting all your encouragement and congratulations since yesterday truly means so much to me. seriously, yesterday was one of the best days of my life, even though i just spent it in front of the computer. david was working all day and didn’t come home until like 11pm, so i was just alone with the internet. but there is no such thing as being alone when you have the internet. i’ve been completely overwhelmed with all the heartwarming comments from you. i have the best readers / subscribers / followers a blogger could ever wish for.


these shots are from when we celebrated while shooting a video the other day. when david finally came home last night though, we had a glass of cava and saluted the new addition to our family. what do you think, do you like the new vegan ? does this mean that me and david are the old vegans now ?

this morning i surprised david with the yummiest brunch ever on the living room floor, to keep up the celebrations. i took some pics – i’ll post about it later this week.


the book is published in sweden, so for now it’s only available in swedish i’m afraid. but if it’ll be available in other languages later on, i’ll make sure to let you know.
it’s got five chapters :
snacks / starters
side dishes
main courses
and from scratch
and in between those chapters are 5 buffet style ideas, inspired from all over the world.
the different buffets are :
japanese inspired
dim sum inspired
nut cheese platter
mexican style
and meze inspired

about 20 of the recipes have instructional videos connected to them with a QR-code linking to our youtube channel. some of those videos are already up, and the rest i’ll start publishing tomorrow. so for the next two weeks, i’ll post a new recipe video every two days !
i’ll of course put the videos here on the blog too.

all the recipes are super healthy, just the type of food i eat myself all the time. think fresh, yummy, and pretty. it’s food that’ll make your tummy happy too !
almost all recipes are gluten-free, vegan of course, and without white sugar. i don’t like using oil unnecessarily, since i’m into whole foods, so oil is only very rarely included in the recipes.

let me know if you have any questions about the book ^^


these cute-as-can-be noodle bundles are in the cookbook !
they’re also in the video from yesterday – you can find the recipe and see the video here ^^


i hope you like the new little vegan, and that you’re happy for me ^^
you can buy the book here.

a big big thank you for sharing this with me !!

love // jenny


  1. Congrats Jenny ! You are so amazing ! Your book is a very good new, you deserve it :-)
    Hope it will be traduct into english or french, let us know !
    So happy for you !

    • jennymustard

      thank you so much alystelle !! you’re so sweet <3
      fingers crossed it will be available in english or french !! ^_^

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  3. BRAVO!
    It’s a really a big thing!
    Home you’ll do your n’est to publique “New vegan” on Frensh as well. I have so much friendster I’d kiné to grive your Boon as a gift you know. I am veggie I’ll sure turn vegan if I as inspired as you are.
    Your vidéo with simple receipes excite my tummy each time I watch them. Can’t to get your book (in a understandable langage) one day.
    Also, this new really motivate me to do something to that I’ll be really proud to.

    Have a nice day &

    • jennymustard

      thank you soooo much diane !!
      i wish i was up to me to decide which languages it will be translated into, but it’s up to publishers in the different countries if they want to buy the book or not. so fingers crossed !!

      you’re so sweet, thank you !
      // jenny

  4. I hope it gets translated to English or French I’ve tried a few of your recipes and I love them !! ;))

  5. I cant find it at the book store in english. Then I see a lot of comments asking for english version. Is the english version coming? Im ready to buy it now please.

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