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hey guys !

i hope you’re all having a great day so far. here in stockholm it’s dark and grey. just like every other november since the dawn of time.

anyway enough chitchat. today i want you to do the talking.

it feels like you already know me quite well, but i want to know you too. so you would do me such a favour if you’d tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments below ( or on any of my social media pages ).


here’s what i want to know :

– who are you ? how old, what do you do, where are you from ?

– why are you here ? do you visit my blog for the recipes, for my minimalist columns, fashion shoots… ?

– what’s your lifestyle and passions ? are you a health freak, vegan, minimalist, etc – or neither ?

– how did you find your way to my blog to begin with ?

– what do you want to see more of ? what’s your favourite type of blog post and do you think anything’s missing from the blog ? do you have a specific request for anything ?

– what’s your favourite movie ? because that’s always fun to know about people ^^


feel free to answer as many or few of the questions as you want. anything at all would be a huge help for me to get to know you guys better.

and finally, a huge thanks for being a reader. it means the world to me that you want to spend your time here with me.

lots of love // jenny

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