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i love food. and i mean deeply and passionately. i always have.
but like i always say : i just choose to eat food that loves me back.

i get asked all the time about my diet. what i eat. how much. am i a raw vegan ? low-fat ? gluten-free ? do i count calories, have a goal weight, what about fat percentage ? am i worried about protein, kalcium, fatty acids ?

oh man. that doesn’t sound like fun at all. more like hard work, than enjoying the pure pleasure that is eating.

i eat plants. healthy vegan food. that is my diet. i eat until i’m full. like very full. i eat stuff that makes me feel good, that makes me happy.
which means i eat mostly veggies and fruits, with whole grain (oats, rice, wheat, buckwheat etc) and legumes (beans, peas, lentils, tofu), and on top of that i usually have some nuts or seeds every day. some white pasta or rice sometimes too. and that’s it.

oh, not to mention spices and herbs ! i go absolutely crazy with them spices. when i cook for me and david (or anyone else), i take it easy with the spices though since david always says my food “tastes too much” – like there could be such a thing as too much taste. i instead put tons of bottles and jars of different spices and condiments on the table and smother my plate with all that goodness. i tend to go a bit overboard, i’m not gonna lie.

varied, colourful, fresh. i feel more than great, and am not at all worried about getting enough nutrients. all i do is eat nutrient-packed food !
if you don’t want to take my word for it – i’ve checked my values twice since going vegan 8 years ago, and they’re excellent. i mean like top notch good.


i like cooking my food from scratch as much as possible, simply because i love the feeling of having created something completely by myself. that also means that i know exactly what’s in the food i’m putting into my body, which is a beautiful feeling.
when someone offers me food though, i’ll eat anything as long as it’s vegan. i figure that a little bit of crap once in a while isn’t going to hurt me. i’m not about fanaticism or making strict rules for myself. my diet is a kind diet. relaxed and forgiving. and so very satisfying.

the only thing i do take extra care with is vitamin b12. us vegans (and most other people too) have a difficult time getting enough of that, so i pop a pill every morning (when i remember to). if you’re vegan or over the age of 50, you should too.

i hope this is clear enough. let me know if you feel like i missed something.

i’ve written a few other pieces on health, habits, and food if you find this interesting.
here are a few of them :
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COLUMN : how i found health

and you should check out my video on how to start a healthy life :
3 THINGS : taking back you health

as always, wishing you all the health and happiness. i’m here if you have any questions.

love // jenny




  1. Hi Jenny, i wanted to ask what kind of pill b12 do you take? Thank you and also for the inspiring article.
    Sending love. Lenka

    • atm i’m taking something called behepan (1 mg, cyanokobalamin). i’m not sure if that’s the best kind or not, it’s just what they have at my pharmacy :P

  2. Tusind tak for alle de kloge ord! Jeg har taget dem til mig og lært rigtig meget. Jeg har gennem mange år talt kalorier og er gået på vægten i tide og utide. Har altid været én der elsker systemer og bokse og regler og retningslinjer… og har derfor nok også gerne villet have en mærkat på min kost: vegansk uden gluten og hvide raffinerede fødevarer!
    Tak for opfordringen til at være lidt mere nuanceret og afslappet og til at lytte mere til kroppen.
    Disse ord vil jeg tage med mig og huske hver dag: my diet is a kind diet. relaxed and forgiving. and so very satisfying.

    • oh rosa, tack sa hemskt mycket for dom fina orden ! jag ar sa glad att du kan kanna igen dig i det jag skriver och ta till dig att vara snallare mot dig sjalv. jag ar precis som du : alskar regler, och att gora checklistor, och att satta upp mal for mig sjalv. och det ar fantastiskt, det gor att jag ar en valdigt strukturerad och effektiv person. jag har bara borjat inse att for att vara lycklig sa maste jag forsoka hitta balans och rora mig mot det mer avslappnade hallet. framfor allt nar det galler halsa. halsa ar balans – i min asikt. och jag ar sa mycket gladare nu nar jag fokuserar pa hur kroppen kanns an pa hur mycket den vager.
      massa karlek <3

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  4. Hello Jenny:

    Thank you for sharing your diet, advice, etc. through videos and this blog.

    I am glad that I didn’t listen to discouragement years ago when I became vegan because I knew they were all wrong, and I am not at all surprised that you are very healthy on your vegan diet as well.

    Thank you for your generosity; I have learned more watching your beautiful videos, and reading your blog.

    I enjoy everything you do, from pilates, to facial masks, and just talking with experts on nutrition. You are so gorgeous too, adding to the aesthetics. Glad your dog Pepsi is thriving on such a diet as well.

    Keep up the great and important work that you are doing. I am looking forward to buying your books.


    • oh thank you so much lovely theresa !
      this means a lot to me, and i’m happy to hear that you’re doing great on a vegan diet (though i’m not surprised at all) ^^
      pepsi is just a friend, not a family member though, so i’m not in charge of her diet :P

      thank you for reading and for the support !

      lots of love
      // j

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  25. Erika Gonzalez

    Hi Jenny !!
    I love your videos !
    I am from the Dominican Repúblic ! And your videos inspire me to be healthier and at ease!!
    I have been having some trouble with vit b12, all that I have used have caused breakouts , the cystic type :(
    Now I am filled with cysts on my back and chest area.
    Since you are a true vegan and know a lot of people that are vegan , could you please help me find a good vit b12 that I can buy on Amazon ….
    Maybe tell me if I am alone in this or has someone else have had the same reaction to vit b12 supplements ..what what can I do about it .
    Thank you , sincerely

  26. Christina jansen

    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Jenny and David. I am new to your channel. Boy do u both make me laugh. I have been a vegan for 4 years now. Vegetarian most of my life. My husband is a new vegetarian just this year. I enjoy so much watching u both. I just recently starting making raw food. It has changed my life. I love that you do a combination of both cooked and raw and you don’t worry about portion sizes.

    a few questions….

    Do u get ridiculed or teased for eating healthy?
    Can u do a grocery haul video I would live to see what you buy each week in groceries
    Are your friends mostly vegan?
    U should do a dinner party video.

  27. Jenny Schmidt

    Hi Jenny!

    Thank you very much for your inspiring blog and videos. I just came back from a two-year trip to veganism, where I learned a lot. I ate greens, vegetables, whole grains, beans, all the good stuff. In the end I found out that this form of living really cleared my mind and helped me to overcome some stuff mentally but then around December last year I felt so weak, tired and nervous all the time that I got my blood test taken. The doctor found out that I was severely deficient in iron. So I started taking iron pills which made me really sick. Now I am back to eating some organic red meat about once a month and some organic cheese every once in a while. And additionally I am taking an iron supplement from the health food store which agrees much better with my guts. My iron levels are better now (albeit not perfect yet). My over-all-health has improved tremendously, so I guess this is the kind of diet that suits me at this time. I still do my all-green-all-whole-grain diet with these two exceptions.

    I would like to know how you keep your iron levels ok – because that is the main issue for me to stay healthy (and happy).

    Greetings from Germany from another Jenny ;)

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