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i had so much fun making this video – you have asked to join my morning routine, and i’m happy you did, because i loved to share this morning with you.

i’ve always been a morning person, i love to wake up before everyone else is up, having a part of the day for myself. david is a morning person too though, so we usually wake up around the same time.

one of the best things with working from home is that you set your own schedule. since getting to berlin a week and a half ago, we have made a new weekly and daily routine. the morning in this video is a day when we’re just going to stay at home and work all day, no appointments or specific times to adjust our day around.


this is a luxury of course, but it also means you have to be very structured, organised, and not easily distracted. this lifestyle suits me and david perfectly.
what type of person are you ?



if you want to wake up with me tomorrow, you can watch my pilates video and work out together with me tomorrow.
or have a look at my breakfast recipes if you need some inspo.

good morning !
love // jenny

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  1. Loved this video, girl! Inspires me to focus on enjoying the morning rather than dreading it :) Also, where is your dreamy sweater from? Xo.

    • jennymustard

      oh thank you so much for watching sweetie !!
      sounds like a good plan – i love mornings ^_^
      it’s from monki !! best buy ever xx

  2. Nice video!! Strange question, You have a spotify account where I can see what kind of music you listen? I’m really curious xx

  3. Beautiful morning! I am happy you have the chance to enjoy it as you wish, not being pressed by the time or by the fact of rushing to work. I hope it stays that way to you.

  4. Great video idea. Luv all your vids.
    Haha, think I’ll replace my tea bags with some “real” herbed tea like what you have in your hand. Bet it tastes amazing:-)

  5. I’ve lost my usual morning routine, and this is inspiring, thank you. I would love to learn your pilates routine.

  6. My mornings have been tough recently. I too work from home most of the time and lack an authority to tell me when to wake up. I am so happy to find your blog. I have found a new way of calm on the Internet. You come across very genuine, I appreciate that.
    Thanks dear.

  7. Dear jenny,
    You always talk about working at home.. but what do you actually work?

    You inspired me to go vegan and live more healthy

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