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on early friday evening, we reached 50 000 subscribers on youtube. wow !
it’s crazy considering we didn’t even have 20k when we got to berlin in the middle of january. sometimes you get lucky – huh ?

so being overwhelmed and happy, we decided to do some chilled out celebrations this weekend. starting with cava and yummy snacks on friday night.

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on saturday we started by shooting two videos in the morning. can’t wait for you to see them, especially the video tomorrow should be fun – we’re doing a weird vegan german food taste test video. a collab with our favourite swedish youtuber.

after we finished shooting, david planned the rest of the day for us, and i just had to tag along. first i did some chilling out by catching up on bloglovin’ and doing an hour or so of writing. after that we spent an hour in bed with some chocolates and fruits. me reading a novel, and david reading what i wrote earlier.

at around 5pm we got ready and went for an early dinner at vietnamese restaurant rou vegetarian. it was such a lovely day, the first real spring evening, so we could even sit outside. we weren’t that hungry so we shared three starters – steamed dumplings, summer rolls, and a mushroom-filled steamed bun. i had ginger tea ( my latest obsession ).

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how cute is david in this pic ? like a little animal.
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the guy working at the restaurant was the sweetest. he came out with these complimentary little coconut rice pudding desserts. so yum !
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after that we were cold and went to a café for another cup of tea. followed by a movie ! as usual when david plans a day for us ^.^
we saw michael moore’s new documentary where to invade next. oh man, moore really knows how to make docs. so entertaining, gripping, and touching all at once. i loved it. of course, he gets a bit … over the top, as usual. but i’m buying it !
you guys should go see it, it really makes you think about what kind of society you want to live in.

when we got home around 11pm perhaps, i made an apple crumble. i know right, i’m even impressed myself. and we watched a not-so-good thriller called backcountry. you don’t have to waste 2 hours on that one, imo.

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besides from being a fun weekend because of the 50k milestone, it was a big weekend for david for other reasons. he had two firsts – on one hand he got recognised in the street for the first time ever, and he also got his first fan art !
he’s getting internet famous ^.^

how incredibly cool is this one ? made by talented @tapioles_ii on ig.
yolanda oovelo tapioles

we started our sunday with a long cozy breakfast, with the new episode of sunday breakfast with the mustards ( we always watch it with you on sunday mornings ), and then some korra of course.

after that we went out for the longest walk in the sun. it’s so springy out now, with green buds and tiny flowers everywhere. we took some pics, but i haven’t had the chance to go through them yet, i’ll show you later.

coming home, i did some more writing. my way of rebooting. and david edited some new mustard on movies material.

since it was easter sunday, i cooked a swedish classic for sunday dinner. ‘ox eye’ with mustard & dill sauce, and dill-boiled potatoes. i messed up the scrambled tofu though, so it wasn’t as tasty as usual. ah well.

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oh, we watched the hateful eight finally yesterday, after dinner. we’ve been looking forward to this one so much, and it was worth the wait.

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and that was it really !
an amazing weekend. especially saturday, that was one of the best days in a long time – so chilled.

so a huge thank you to all 50k of you youtube subscribers, who gave us a reason to have this lovely weekend of celebration. you rock !

love // jenny

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  1. Congratulations! You deserve every one of these subscribers, with the great work you two produce so consistently.

  2. NJ, USA Theresa

    No surprise you’re doing so well; I just wish all vegans discovered your great videos and blogs. The ones who haven’t are missing something truly wonderful, and addictive. Haha!

  3. It’s not luck imho, you deserve this as you work hard to provide unique and regular content. So happy to have found your channel and work lately!

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