FASHION : carol – the stile inspiration movie of 2015

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in december, while we were still in berlin, david planned a whole day off for us ( that you might have already read about here ).

one of the things we did that day was to go to the cinema and watch carol. it’s probably the best film i saw all year, made by one of our favourite directors todd haynes, with cate blanchett and rooney mara in the leads. and it’s adapted from the novel of another favourite – patricia highsmith.

besides from being gorgeous, touching, sweet and inspirational in a movie making, photography, and editing kind of way – it also inspired me greatly from a style perspective. not that i want to look like either of the two leads, but more trying to create the feeling i got from the film in general.


from the clothing to the makeup, creating that both sexy and quite androgynous look at once. the sexiness of the strong 50s inspired makeup and using a bra as a top, paired with the boyishness of my short hair, and david’s oversized trousers cinched at the waist with a large belt. a good look if you ask me – hope you like it too !

this look makes me want to smoke cigarettes and drink champagne straight from the bottle, while sitting on the floor and listening to billie holiday. ok, so the cigarette won’t happen. but a glass of champagne and miss holiday might just be the thing, as soon as we’re back in berlin again about a week from now !

jennymustardcarol7jennymustardcarol2 jennymustardcarol6jennymustardcarol1c

if you haven’t already, go see carol. trust me on this one kiddos. it’s a great one !

love // jenny

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