FOOD : our first weekly food haul video

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a vegan food haul video, where we show you guys what a weekly shopping trip looks like at mustard headquarters.
we’ve done one finally ! sorry for taking so long.

this was quite a small haul for us, since we had a lot of stuff left over from last week. other staples are rice, beans, tofu, frozen berries, lots and lots of oats etc. we do our best to buy mostly organic and whole foods. and of course, everything’s vegan and yummy yummy.

like i say in the video – just let me know if you have any questions about anything and i’ll do my best to cover it in a later vid.

and here’s my weekly meal plan from last week !
i’ve definitely been more and more into food prepping and only buying what i need for the week lately. it’s so nice to have a fridge and pantry that isn’t overflowing.


what are you eating this week ?

love // jenny

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  1. Lovely video as usual. Looking forward to the chilli sauce, and I’d also be interested in the lentil and rutabaga dish!

  2. Loved the video, inspiring one and loved the scenic setting ( don’t know if my translation is correct)
    Will try the white miso next time i go to the organic shop.
    To complete this video, i would love to see a ” pantry review”
    Have a great day

  3. I really enjoy watching your videos, not only for the content but also for the professionalism. You guys really put a “narrative” and “esthetic” touch into them and thats absolutely pleasant!
    Besides, you guys have an array of different themes and topics, always surprising :)
    Thank you for the tip of mustard and miso, I love both of them but never thought of mixing them together (also with tahini). I’m a mustard fan (in both senses) and as a vegan, i think it is hard to make creative things with it.

    • jennymustard

      oh thank you so much – this made me so happy to read !! lots of love x

  4. Great and beautiful video! :) The fact that organic food is packed in plastic upsets me too but my mom (who works in a retail store) said that lots of people used to take (back then unpacked) bio-veggies and weighed them using the price of the regular veggies. So they had to pack them up :(
    Doesn’t it bother you too that people do things not considering what the consequences might be?

  5. We also buy Alnatura dattes , raisins , almonds, different seeds etc , I buy tones of them actually my son loves them. I also buy Alnatura millet , I don’t know why it is impossible to overcook it , normally have a tendancy to overcook millet:)
    It also gets pn my nerves when I have to buy organic veggies wrapped in plastic. This is madness.

  6. Dear Jenny, your blog is by far my favourite one. All of your videos are so aesthetic and seem to be really thought through. And I think it is really refreshing to see that David and you seem to not bother yourselves with stereotypical expectations and categories of what is ‘feminine’ or what is ‘masculine’. It really upsets me to see how society still sticks to those categories. Besides wanting to say thank you for all the inspiration, I was wondering about the backpack you are wearing in the video above. I am still searching for a simple and solid backpack to take to uni which has no branding on it. Do you now if I can get it somewhere online? I am talking about the black one with the small silver buckle.. Thanks a lot in advance! Wish you two a nice weekend! x

  7. I actually do have a question! Whenever I buy miso paste I feel like I only need a teeny tiny little bit for the recipe I’m making. But miso paste always comes in rather large packs so I’ve got tons left that I don’t really know how to use up (instead of soup obviously). Do you have any go/to recipes to use up miso paste? Would be great to get some tips!

  8. Hey Jenny. Your blog has really helped me. Being the only vegan in my family is hard but I’m not going to give up my morals. Your recipes helped me. I’m more confident as a vegan and thank you so much.

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