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i’ve been taking so long to do this, but finally here it is – a vegan weekly meal plan, with healthy and cheap recipe ideas !
i know some of you have been requesting this for ages, so i hope this is at all helpful for those of you feeling like you’re in a recipe rut.

i’m keeping it simple – good, healthy, tasty food. with simple, inexpensive ingredients. here we go.



most weeks, we eat just about the same things from monday to thursday. we make a huge batch of something to have for lunch, and quick and easy dishes for breakfast and dinner. and of course we do a bunch of snacking throughout the day.

turmeric apple porridge with frozen berries, raisins, and cinnamon. water and a B12 pill.


this week we’re having a spicy lentil soup, with tons of root veggies and cabbage for lunch. it’s just a soupier version of the dhal recipe i shared the other week. so filling and satisfying, without making you feel heavy or sluggish. with that we’ll have some raw veggies and maybe a fruit. i’ve made a fresh batch of sauerkraut that will be ready to eat tomorrow, so we’ll add that to our lunch.

it might sound boring, but most week nights we’ll have nice cream, or smoothie bowls ( variations of this recipe ). but the thing is, when you get into it, you really start to crave it real bad. so i’m always looking forward to a nice smoothie / nice cream bowl on week nights. especially since we top our bowls with lots of fresh fruit and my crunchy granola !


i have a lot of tea throughout the day. usually 3-4 cups daily. i like black tea in the morning ( i tend to have earl grey since that’s david’s fav ), then move on to green ( sencha, genmaicha, jasmin ). my new obsession is ginger tea. i just cut thin strips of fresh ginger and pour over hot water. yum !

other stuff we fill up on between meals are carrots, pears, apples, dates, nut butter, bananas, rice cakes, granola.
yesterday i made my gluten-free crisp bread which is like a delicious snack, so we will have that with mustard or tahini and veggies as a late night snack this week with our evening tea.



porridge again !

smoothie bowl.

since both me and david work from home, and work almost everyday, we’ve been having difficulties signalling to our brains that it’s the weekend. so we’ve made fridays into special cozy nights. every friday, if we don’t have other plans, we pick a south east asian country ( usually south korea, japan, or taiwan ), since those are on the top of our list of places we want to visit. when we’ve chosen a country, we cook something inspired by that food culture, and watch a movie from the region.

this week i want to try make making a vegan version of pho chua ( hot and sour vietnamese noodle soup ), so let’s see if we can find a vietnamese movie to watch. let me know if you have any suggestions.

before we prepare dinner on fridays, we like having an after work drink to ease into the weekend. it might be a glass of wine, but more often we like making it non-alcoholic. a new favourite is adding frozen berries to sparkling water and a splash of apple cider vinegar. so refreshing !
with that we’ll probably have some fresh fruit, roasted chickpeas or something else that’s salty.



saturdays are our go out and try something new day. we don’t have any plans for saturday yet, but we might go out for dinner.

since it’s the weekend we like having something more fun for breakfast. we’ll pretend it’s sunday already, and film another episode of our sunday breakfast with the mustards series, so i’m going to think of something delicious.

we’re having another film shoot after breakfast, so we usually have leftovers or something easy for lunch.

i’m in the mood for fruit salad with nuts, but we’ll see what happens.

leftover soup from friday dinner if we have any. otherwise we’ll wing it !

we might go out. i just now got 2 great tips for vegan-friendly berlin restaurants ( one japanese, and one chinese ) from a reader, so we might try one of those. otherwise we’ll cook something nice at home.

at night after dinner, we might have a few pieces of some nice chocolate, or david might even make me some little raw dessert if i’m lucky. saturdays are good snack days, we treat ourselves a little.



the same as on saturday i’m thinking. something a bit weekend special.

if we have time this week, we’ll go try a new place to exercise. maybe a pilates studio or something. after that we’ll go have a light brunch or a smoothie. there’s a few places around where we live that we want to try.

i want to make some healthy hearty rice or grain bowls for dinner. here’s some inspiration !

we’ll have an afternoon drink, with some yummy snacks with it. if we have crisp bread left, we’ll probably have that with some spread, and maybe get some grapes or pears as well. depending on how full we are after them bowls, we’ll have something sweet for dessert. chocolate nice cream or peanut butter filled dates perhaps.

that’s what i can think of. it’s going to be good week food wise, i can tell !

here’s what the sauerkraut looks like when you mix white and purple cabbage. pretty huh ?

what are your food plans this week ?

and let me know if you found this interesting or helpful at all !
i can make more of these weekly meal plans if you want.

love // jenny

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  1. I’m trying hard to resist a “Mustard eating mustard” joke here ;-)

    Ok seriously, thank you so much for the week plan! It’s very inspiring, as I’m still feeling my way around my healthier eating, especially on my own. You guys are only two, which makes it much easier for me to relate than those family-size recipes I often find elsewhere!

  2. This is very helpfull thank you.
    I love how your meal plan is simplified and still looks very yummy
    Made my first sauerkraut a few days ago thanks to you

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! I do not follow a vegan diet but I still find your recipes to be very inspiring. On a side note, I love the cook/watch a movie from the same country – sounds like a fun date night.

  4. Thank you for these ideas and nice pictures. It’s ten in the morning and I’m at work, but I think that I am going to take out of my bag some dates !
    Planning the meals sounds really strange for me. We never do that at home ! We sit together every day, my son, husband and me, and wonder what we want to eat with what is available. We try to listen to our body. We make that since my son eat solid food. Hopefully we almost have the same preferences : simply cooked vegetables, whole cereales and fruits, fruits, fruits ! My son always have ideas to try new receipes : lentils with soy yogurt and curcuma, keeping the beetroots juice and put it in the water for the noodles in order to have pink noodles, using cookie cutter to make stars in beetroots and apples slices and have nice raw vegetable plates, etc.
    Recently, I added sauces to our meals. I discovered really good ones on the youtube channel of a nice veggie minimalist young swedish woman ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing that Jenny. It is great to see a weekly meal plan that doesn’t require cooking a completely separate meal, three times a day, every day. Your approach seems straightforward and easy; thus is something I could actually aspire to myself. I know I will never stick to something that is overly complicated and requires too much forethough and effort. This, however, definitely appeals (and seems achievable). Thank you again!

  6. This is really inspiring. I’ve been telling myself I need to make a batch of your crispbread and hummus on the weekends, so I can snack on something healthy and delicious throughout the week. Seeing your meal plan just makes me motivated to at least start with that… eating out has been getting really expensive and unhealthy lately.


  7. This is great, thanks for sharing.

    I honestly wish I could just buy all your recipes at the frozen section of wholefoods, because I’m just so tired of cooking lately.
    But I will never get tired of your videos , and blog:)

  8. Wow, great pics and even better food! Wish I had the dedication to eat like this all of the time :) This definitely gives me motivation though!

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  10. Hi Jenny! I’ve recently subscribed to your channel and I really love your style. I have a question that may be of interest for other people out there too. How would you fit a vegan diet into a ibs diet? I suffer from ibs since I’m 19 yo and I can’t eat all those yummy fibrous and cruciferous veggies you use, can’t eat large quantities of legumes (which I love) and so on..
    I’m curious to know your view or ideas regarding this.

  11. Joce Dakota

    That was helpful. I am usually/easily overwhelmed so I will try to plan the same breakfast / lunch / dinner for the work week. :). Thank you

  12. Love this, it’s great to tap into your everyday.
    I love how your videos and blog posts have become more cozy and casual and vloggy since David joined. I feel like I’m in your house with you, and I really look forward to it.

    Since I’ve been following you since the mindthemustard days, and I cook your meals ALL the time, I’m just setting up a patreon so I can say thank you to you guys. Getting there, thank you for years of lovely content.


    • jennymustard

      waaa this is the sweetest ! you’re so kind to say that and for following us for so long, can’t tell you how much that means to us !
      and every time someone pledges to us on patreon it just feels amazing, that someone wants to support us and what we’re doing in that way – so a big big thank you !
      lots of love xx

  13. I recommend you the restaurant SOY here in Berlin. It is Vietnamese, completely vegan and the food is soooo delicious! It’s also not too expensive and very cosy :) It’s near Rosenthaler Platz or Weinmeisterstr.

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  15. Rachel Kim

    Hi! I am a 14 year old girl from South Korea. Call me Rachel! By seeing your youtube videos and website, I chose you as my role model! I really want to go for a vegan diet but because I had anorexia(and still a bit), my parents does not allow me to go vegan. But someday, I will surely become a vegan. If you visit South Korea, please e-mail me! I eagarly hope to see you. South Korea is so hard to live as a vegan…. I hope there are many vegan restaurants in South Korea like Berlin or other places!! I really love you and hope you a good luck!!

  16. Connie Reynolds

    I so Love your posts Jenny!!
    Your food for week is not only Vegan, which I am slowly moving into, but looks delicious, easy, and affordable.
    Thank you :)
    May you be able to please please please have your cookbook, which looks so wonderful CONGRTS !!!!!!!!! , printed in English as well?
    I Love how you Respect Food, take your time preparing your Food, and have Fun with Food, no guilty eating!
    You are my inspiration!
    Thank you so much for sharing your life and David ‘s life.

  17. Love everything you make ,can you please make a meal plan for someone with a hectic schedule with little time on their hands ?

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