VLOG : our first ever vlog

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here it is – our first ever vlog.
i hope you’ll be into this, it’s been very requested ^.^

we did a lot of fun stuff this day – i got my makeup done by the lovely maria at makeup store (read all her tips and see the finished look here), we met up with ebba for a little fun but ice-cold photo shoot, and ended the day with a couple of events (nothing like a little free champagne to thaw those frozen fingers).

vlogging is crazy fun, we had a blast. we’d love to take you guys with us to work again if you’d be up for it ? let us know !

love // jenny

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in this pic
makeup from makeup store*
vagabond vegan shoes*
zoeva vegan makeup brushes*
interview magazine
monki white top
cheap monday sunglasses
goooorgeous vegan bum bag from our creative corner pick eliška knotková*
purse, gift from a fan

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  1. Mararet Webb

    Hey Jenny– yes go back to your “own” /natural hair colour!! We brunettes (although I”m getting grayer every year but refuse to dye my hair!!) have to stick together!!!
    You look amazing as always -loved the make up look in your previous blog too.
    Looking forward to Breakfast with the Mustard’s :)

    • Mischelle

      I started turning gray in my twenties. I colored my hair for ages but I stopped because of the harsh chemicals which damage your health plus the cost and total inconvenience I grew out my gray hair a couple of years ago and have this cool looking white hair with a bit of pewter color. I feel so free from the time and expense of coloring my hair! I love Jenny’s hair now but I am in favor of seeing her natural color. She could always add a few highlight of color if she wants to have fun with it.

  2. Jenny–go natural! You’ll look great no matter what, I’m sure, but here’s one fan that says hooray to all natural. Thanks for a great blog and lovely food, ideas, and general life-style inspirations!

  3. Jenny! You would look great with ANY hair colour, but have you ever considered going silver?? It seems to be all the rage now, and I certainly would follow suit if I had enough hair on my head!


  4. Jenny I have the same natural kinda grey hair color as you, I also wore it white for a long time and then got bored of the bleaching process, so I would absolutely recommend you to wear it natural. Also it’s a pretty special hair color, not many people have it and it looks really good ;)

  5. Loved the Vlog! Make some more!! Try your natural hair colour, if you don’t like it .. You can change again You guys are GREAT!!

  6. TheresaNJ

    Jenny, I use henna (100%) on my hair, and I will never use anything else. It is more advanced today and it covers graying hair 100 percent, in red, brown, black, and ‘cassia’ for blondes.
    My hair color is naturally brown, but I wanted a change, so I recently tried 100 % indigo (made with peas) to give my hair a black color. The shine is unbelievable. No harsh chemicals. You can color your hair as often as you like, and it’s affordable. Everybody I know loves it, and uses it too.
    Be careful where you purchase it as you want 100 percent plant/henna, and no additives.
    So, I highly recommend a plant-based hair dye.
    As for your hair color: I think any color would look great on you, but since I’m loving black hair these days, I think that color would look amazing on you as well as the white. I remember someone suggested it while back too. I agreed!
    Whatever you want: you always look fantastic.

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