HEALTH : 7 ways my body has changed from going vegan

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first of all, thank you so much to all of you who took the time to send me some birthday wishes yesterday – you are the best and i was so happy to read all of your little messages <3

we had the loveliest, most relaxed day. did some shopping, some champagning, and a whole lot of korean fooding.

talking about eating – let’s move on to today’s video !
i’m listing 7 ways my body has changed from going vegan. as you will hear, it’s quite a big change.

so basically everything from bloating, energy levels, hormonal changes, and eating habits, to a killer immune system and standing still weight-wise. not too bad from just one lifestyle change huh ?

are you vegan ? have you ever made a big diet change ? did you notice any differences ? would love to hear all about it !

and for more info on my diet, check out my post 3 ways to eat healthy without restricting yourself.

love // jenny

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  1. I have been vegan for approximately a year after being a vegetarian and a pescatarian for about 5 years, and I have only experienced positive changes (better skin, more energy, and so on) except for one thing! I actually feel a lot more bloated now… I guess it is because of my very sensitive stomach, but this is making it really hard for me to sometimes eat enough, and I often want to eat things like legumes and beans but my stomach just says no. Some people say that your stomach gets used to it after a while, but since I have been vegan for quite a time now I wonder if it ever will, unfortunately… I will contine to hope so, at least!

  2. What i have noticed most is that i don’t have craving anymore, and i have more energy. I can relate for the pms too.
    I feel the same as Emma though about legumes and beans

  3. I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 25 years, and now it’s a bit weird. You see, I’m actually an omnivore – I even eat meat sometimes these day. BUT I eat about 85% vegan, about 15% dairy (mostly kefir for my gut, and some lactose free cream cheese), and 5% meat. I think I’m moving in the vegan direction but there are restrictions to the products I can get here in the West of Ireland and I find this mix works for me at the moment.
    The most important thing is that I eat as much organic and whole foods as possible, and I’ve definitely noticed huge improvements in my health!

  4. I have been vegetarian since I am 12 years, then turned vegan 7 years ago. Two of them raw vegan. My health improved a lot! My thyroides got back to normal, my skin is beautiful and no more pms, too. Especially in my raw vegan years I had sooo much energy. My family also noticed and got impressed – so they also turned vegetarian/vegan!

  5. Somehow I missed that video so I’m a bit late with the wishes. Happy birthday Jenny! :D

  6. It has been a year that I am a vegan but not totally. I eat meat but only white meat. The manifestation of being a vegan is first you can see the result in your skin, it glows it brings back the skin of your youth. I agree Jen that it helps out being bloated, been on that situation too that’s why I can attest to it.

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