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it’s time for my first regular thursday video in a while !
the new vegan cookbook video fun is over, i hope you’ve enjoyed them.

i’m so happy to have you as readers / subscribers / followers – this releasing a cookbook thing wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all your brilliant support and feedback ! you guys rule <3

so as you’ll see in the video – i’m doing a cookbook giveaway to say thank you !
you should join me if you want a signed copy of new vegan of your own. just tell me your favourite of all my videos and why you like it so much in the comment section of this video, and i’ll choose five comments. the winners will be announced in next week’s thursday video.

ok about this recipe, it’s a gluten-free version of the most swedish thing there is – the crisp bread !
here with sesame seeds and cornflour. no yeast, no oil, no nonsense. just pure heavenly crispiness. enjoy ^^


gluten-free sesame crisp bread
300 ml / 1.25 cups cornflour
200 ml / 0.8 cups sesame seeds (either colour, i used both black and white)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp oregano, dried
50 ml / tahini
300 ml / 1.25 cup hot water (or less)

– preheat the oven to 170ºC / 340ºF.
– mix all dry ingredients, then add the tahini, and the hot water a little at a time, you might need a bit less water (i quickly boil the water and let it cool a bit). be careful not to burn yourself. mix thoroughly to a loose-consistency dough.
– place the dough between 2 parchment papers and press with your hands to make it as thin as possible. remove the top parchment paper, and use a knife to carefully cut the dough into any type of shape you like.
– bake for about 30-40 mins, or until golden and just beginning to get crispy. they will harden and become crispier when cool, so don’t over-bake them.
– serve as a snack, with your soup, or instead of nachos with your salsa. here with homemade hummus and spiralized beetroot.


don’t forget to join in the giveaway fun – comment on this youtube video which one of all my videos is your absolute favourite, and why – and i’ll choose five future new vegan owners ^^

good luck !

love // jenny



  1. Jeg vil da rigtig gerne vinde en SIGNERET kogebog (kan jo altid give den anden væk i gave;-) … men at skulle vælge en video… er VIRKELIG svært. Jeg har set dem alle gennem de sidste par uger (har først for nylig fundet din blog) og jeg elsker dem alle. På grund af det smukke lys, den blide musik, de klare farver i maden, din bløde stemme, de nemme tilberedningsmetoder, de enkle ingredienser… Da det er så svært, vælger jeg én som falder lidt udenfor i kategorien, men som absolut er lige så elsket… nemlig dine “5 køkken favoritter”. Tak for info om disse vigtige og nyttige ingredienser. De var meget brugbare for en ny veganer som mig.

  2. Dear Jenny, are you saying Tschüss at the end? This is such a german word. Do you use it in Sweden too? Funny! I like your chocolat cake with strawberries and coconut cream video the most. I make it often. Its a genius recipe! I will buy your book as soon as it will get published in english or german. Good luck to all other swedish contestants! Tschüss, Sabine

  3. Hello Jenny. Honestly this video is my favorite, it is the first one I have seen of you cooking. I like how you cook with artistic flare throughout the video. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos! I’m trying to eat healthier for my new girlfriend and this was just great! Also, I like how you use healthy ingredients so creatively and decadently, specifically, how you combine the ingredients, like the flatbread here with the sesame seed bread, cornflour, and the tahini, it all looks so delicious! I’ve always had a personal view of only eating junk food, and this video, plain and simply, and artfully :) inspires me to want to eat healthier period. And to eat healthier for me and my girlfriend. Cheers Jenny!

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  5. Har ikke fulgt med så længe, så det er svært at sige. Dog synes jeg din blog ser vældig interessant ud og vil som Rosa kommentere at musikken gør noget godt for dine videoer. Har også været inde og se lidt på de forskellige videoer og en der tiltaler mig er; 3 things; How to make your smoothie healthyer..
    Held og lykke min din blog jeg glæder mig meget til at følge dig fremadrettet.

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  9. Hi Jenny!
    I love your recipes and videos. I just made these, your mustard and saurkraut to give away for christmas. I just wonder how long the crisp bread keeps before spoiling?
    Keep doing what you are doing!

    • oh so cool to make them as gifts :D
      i’m not quite sure to be honest, because they’re usually gone really quickly when i make them haha !
      just keep them in an airtight container :)

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  11. i tried this recipe right now! really surprised about how good it is! as italian lady, i love polenta and made as a snack like this, its a wonderful idea how to use polenta, too!
    i love it! thank you so much for this idea! i will make this snak in future again and again!
    greetings from switzerland! i still hope to get one of your books!

  12. Hi Jenny, I just finished making these and they are so great. I made a couple of changes – replaced 1/3 of the sesame seeds with sunflower seeds, and replaced the oregano (I hate dried herbs!) with fennel seeds. Also added a good grind of black pepper for a kick. They’re really excellent. One useful addition to the instructions would be if you could give guidance for roughly how large the pressed-out dough should be, because “as thin as you can” left me wondering how far I should go. Thank you for sharing; I’ll make this again for sure.

  13. I am bingeing on your videos right now – and recommending to everyone. I came for the minimalism but stayed for the health and food stuff.

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  15. So simple and really delicious. It’s the second time I’m baking those since I saw your video … 6 days ago maybe ! I guess I’m already an addict …

  16. Thanks for the receipe !! I didn’t had corn flour so I tried whith chickpeas flour and it’s absolutely delicious. I think mine was a little too thin so I had to reduce the cooking time (20mn).

  17. Hi Jenny. I tried this recipe but I used hazelnut butter instead of tahini. It is still very yummy. It is very good snack for a hunger like me. Thank you for the recipe.

  18. Hello from Long Beach, CA! Just finished making a batch of these (added in some toasted sesame seeds to make up the 200 ml because that’s what I had on hand- ran out of white sesame seeds!) it is SO delicious especially with your suggestion of hummus! I will be making this regularly :) Thank you so much for the recipe. Cant wait to try your other ones. Blessings!

  19. Hey, thank you and a question: is it possible do replace the sesame seeds with chia seeds? Thanks for all your work on the net and kisses from Dublin.

  20. I am making these right now. They are in the oven and I can’t wait. I realized that I can customize them, next time I will add Zatar spice, or cumin seeds and coriander. The possibilities are endless. Jenny, do you think you will reproduce this book in English? Hugs from San Francisco.

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