MINIMALISM : how to plan your day | minimalist to-do list

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new becoming minimalist video !

here’s a question i get asked all the time : how do you stay focussed and organised when working from home ?
i swear by the to-do list !

whether working from home, studying or just trying to stop procrastinating, and keep track of your life in general, i feel like good planning is key. so here’s how me and david plan our workdays :

doesn’t seem tricky at all right ? just spending 10 minutes on this every morning, and we’re ready to go with a clear vision of what needs to get done.

besides, i’m a list girl. i love all kinds of lists – and what i love even more is ticking them off !


do you have any tricks up your sleeves on how to have organised and well-planned days ?
i’m all ears ^.^

oh and here’s the column i was talking about in the video – on how to make work seem like play.

love // jenny

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  1. I’ve always been drawn to minimalism and love your attention to detail and approach. You are a true beauty inside and out. I hope to travel to all the places you talk about. I’m in Toronto, Canada. You should definitely come visit here. We have tons of vegan options and a great community. Thank you for inspiring me today.

    • jennymustard

      thank you so much lovely !
      toronto is deffo on my to-see list, so hopefully will come by later ;)

  2. Hi Jenny, this was super simple and useful. How many high priority tasks do you usually set for yourself per day, or does it vary?

  3. To do lists are definitely the best way to plan your day. Everything seems much easier then. My secret is also not to put too many points on the list. Then if you do an additional thing you are super proud of yourself :)

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