MINIMALISM : what is minimalism ? | part 2 | what being minimalist means to me

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this is part 2 of my ‘ what is minimalism ‘ episode, from my video series becoming minimalist. you can have a look at part 1 here first if you haven’t seen it yet !

in this video i just clear some things out. it’ll make sense when you watch the vid i hope, but basically what i want to say is this : my minimalist lifestyle isn’t about counting things, pressuring myself, or feeling like i should do something just because that’s the minimalist thing to do. my minimalism is very loose and forgiving, it changes all the time, and it’s more a collective term for living a simpler life, than anything else.

let me know if you have any questions at all about this video, or my lifestyle in general, and i’ll try to answer it in a future video.

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love // jenny

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  1. “It’s about being happy, not being good.” I feel like I just got the answer to a lot of things in my life suddenly, as I am always striving to be the best, and always striving for perfection, but perfection doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Perhaps it’s time to focus on happiness instead of perfection in everything. Keep up your lovely videos, Jenny, you are definitely inspiring.


  2. Dear Jenny,

    Your blog has become a real source of inspiration for me, and I wanted to thank you for that and also congratulate you for the nice things you do, like your pictures and videos and recipes, they are really beautiful and (it’s hard to explain) seeing them just makes me feel happy.

    I would like to ask you about gifts: what do you tell your friends/family when they ask you what you want for your birthday or Christmas? What is a good gift to make to a minimalist? Giving money is a little bit dull, taking out for dinner/exhibition/day-trip is not always appropriate…

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