3 THINGS : movies that will make you stop buying stuff and become a minimalist

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to me, few things can alter my mood or inspire new thoughts as much as a good movie. recently i’ve seen a few that make me happy to be a minimalist. that make me feel that i’m on the right path when not over-consuming the world’s resources. that encourage me to stop everything and think about what really matters.

want to get in the same mood ?
how about seeing these 3 films, all in one day – if that doesn’t make a minimalist out of you, nothing probably will !


wall•e (2008)
i’m guessing you’ve all seen this one already, but i just re-watched if the other day and fell in love all over again. it’s so heartbreakingly naive and beautiful. it makes you never want to produce any trash ever again. to stop what you’re doing and just take a look around. to get out of the chair.


the queen of versailles (2012)
or shopping gone wrong. this film left me feeling so empty and uncomfortable about how mixed up materialism and happiness have become. besides from that, it’s an entertaining and quite shocking film, with a completely scandalous main character.


nausicaä of the valley of the wind (1984)
one of my favourite miyazaki films, very similar to princess mononoke in style and theme. i love how complex and kind this story is, compared to the black-and-whiteness of most western films. there’s no good or evil in nausicaä, there’s just humanity and nature. everytime i watch this movie i get the urge to become a tree-hugger, recycle my trash, and stop exhausting the planet.
it’s one of my all time favourite films, you need to see this one if you haven’t already !


got some minimalist movie tips for me ? let me know won’t you ^^

love // jenny

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  1. Thank you for the minimalist movie suggestions! Film-wise, I watch a lot of psychology thrillers but your list has piqued my interest, thank you! Nice popcorn photo shoot, by the way! I wonder if it implies keeping it minimal with food also? Hehe :D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  2. out of your list sadly i’ve only watched one of them, but now that you mentioned the other two i’ll be sure to check them out♡
    and about movie tips, i’ll recommend you watching the road home, it’s a beautifully made chinese movie, about the story of two people falling in love, it does sound kind of cliché but it stands out because of how minimalistic they represent their love, they barely interact, they barely speak, they don’t even touch, but still you can feel their love through their actions. the first time i watched i cried so much my eyes turned red, and since i see you love movies, it would be nice if checked it out♡

    • wow dana, this sounds like a unique movie ! i will try to find it with english subs for sure.
      thank you so much for the tip and for reading.
      lots of love

  3. Hey Jenny! Thank you for this list! Just wanted to tell you thank you… For everything I guess! You’re YouTube channel and this blog are just amazing and you are so inspiring! Keep up the good work! Love, Isabelle ❤️

  4. thanks for the suggestions ! I always love when you write this type of posts ! I’m going to watch the queen of Versailles !!

  5. I watched Miyazaki’s films growing up and am surprised that I missed this one! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. the japanese film “An”, out in 2015
    the german title is “kirschblüten und rote bohnen” which means something like ” cherry blossom and red beans”. i watched it just a few days ago in the cinema and it’s one of he most beautiful films i’ve seen in a long time – about the things that are really important in life.. i have to say it was suddenly quite warm in the room, sweaty eyes (if you know what I mean (; )

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  8. I just discovered your beautiful blog after stumbling upon your Youtube channel. I’ve fallen in love with everything – from your minimalist aesthetic to your lovely posts.

    • Same here :)
      I am no minimalist, rather a bit of a hoarder but lately I’ve come to feel ‘stuffocated’ ( if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend reading ‘Stuffocation’, I really loved it! ) and embarked in a very slow process of getting rid of things.
      Finding Jenny’s channel and blog by chance was very fortunate and apt, she’s really refreshing – although I doubt I will ever be a minimalist myself, but hey, miracles do happen sometimes xD

  9. Hi Jenny! I would like to recommend you the movie “Stuff” or “My stuff”. It is finnish and I enjoyed it very much.

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  12. hi jenny♡
    i know this is an old post but i just wanted to tell you that i finally watched nausicaa of the valley of the wind and i really love it! it’s was so beautiful and the message made me cry
    thank you for recommending it to us♡

    • jennymustard

      waa so glad you liked it !! it’s the best right ? so stunning <3

  13. Deb Cuccurullo

    thankyou for the recommendations – I would recommend Human the movie, it has 3 parts and its on youtube. very good

  14. Fight Club… makes you question the life we are told we are ment to be living.

  15. I’m late to the party, but I recommend “Antiviral” by Brandon Cronenberg (David Cronenberg’s son) – very minimal visually, with an almost monochrome palette with splashes of red here and there. Interesting story too which criticises the mania around celebrity fan culture.

  16. thank you for recommending Queen of Versailles. It is quite shattering. And the Siegels have recovered financially and are building again. And I must get rid of more stuff!

  17. About consuming Society , advertising and the Berlin fav. Workarea Communication Design : 39,90.

    back to the nature, in the Same Sweet way like Wall E: Disney Pocahontas (1995)



  20. FIGHT CLUB. Every time I watch it, even while I am watching it, I want to declutter. My brother is the same.


  21. Daria Bylina

    Hey Jenny and anyone reading this, relating to this post about minimalist movies I would like to recommend “Okja” it doesn’t really talk about minimalism but it is more about veganism and animal cruelty, all the industries that produce meat and what it takes to make it . It is a very emotionally touching story , and for me personally, it made me really realize how cruel , wasteful and inhuman the meat industry is, I am not a vegan but thanks to this movie it makes me really conscious and inspired me to start with veganism.

  22. Hey Jenny, thanks for suggestions, I’ve already seen Wall-E, one of my favourites!

    Another great film about consumerism but about many other topics called Boy and the World. It’s a brazilian production, cartoon, very few dialogs (if any, I can’t remember at this point) but sooooo colorful. The first time I saw it in cinema by chance and I was amazed. I hope you’ll enjoy!

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