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good morning sweeties !
it’s time for a morning routine video – this is all about my brand new routine i’ve got going on for spring. from going to the gym and doing my daily workout, to my favourite breakfast, skin care routine, and how i like to plan my work days… it’s all in here !

we shot all the extra material you see in this video in portland last week. we’ve just arrived back safely in berlin – tired, jet lagged, messy, and happy ^.^
although it’s been an amazing 4-week trip, i can’t wait to get back to my own healthy habits in a beautiful spring time berlin.

by the way, as i mention in the vid, i’ve got two videos on how i plan my day and how i plan my week, if you need some organise inspo.

that’s it, now go enjoy your morning coffee. or evening tea. or whatever.

love // jenny

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these pics are taken at the first apartment we rented in koreatown, LA in the beginning of our trip. waking up to that view every morning… that was something else !


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