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plan with me – let’s make this month as productive and organised as possible by taking our minimalist to-do lists, schedules, journals and calendars to the next level !

working from home for a couple of years now, has really made me appreciate what good planning can do for your productivity and results, minimising the lazy procrastinating and wasting time. planning the month ahead is something that i really enjoy, and even more so when i have great equipment to work with – such as a minimalist wall calendar, a smart online calendar, and beautiful note books to fill with my to-do lists, projects, and ideas !

i know a lot of you are trying out doing bullet journaling, but that doesn’t look like something i’d work well with. i like my planning to be simple, quick, easy to overview and inspirational – and the way i’m planning now does all those things for me. let me know what you think !

as mentioned in the video, this is part of a planning series !
i have already made videos on how i plan my days and how i plan my weeks, so feel free to check those out for more inspo, and let’s get productive and organised !

love // jenny

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  1. Audrey Cloutier-Lord

    Hello Jenny,

    I’m trying to find where to download your DIY 2017 calendar, I love it. It feels so pie pure!

    Love what you do!


  2. Yes, ditto to what Audrey said….where’s the pretty calendar? Thanks!

  3. Ahhh I love your handwriting! Some time ago, I used to ‘train’ my handwriting every evening for a few minutes to get it to look perfect. Now I’m not really paying attention to it anymore, but you inspire me to start again :) My agenda and diary would look so much more neat and pretty.
    I’m also quite busy with school at the moment and that makes that I have to work on it the entire day at times, while I could have just planned it in a better way and prevent a lot of stress. Thank you for your tips!

  4. Hej Jenny
    Jeg savner dine videoer om mad♡♡♡
    Ville ønske du lavede dem lige så ofte som i begyndelsen☆
    Kh Rosa

  5. I really miss these old videos. Any hopes that I might see them again? I just love the nostalgia… like the what I eat in a day, travel edition one… it just gave me that happy vibe of waking up early and going on a trip

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