RECIPE : raw lime pie

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it’s sadly already here – the final episode of my new vegan cookbook video extravaganza !
hope you had fun and want to try out some of the recipes i’ve been sharing.
no reason to get too sad though, i’ll keep posting some of my favourite recipes from the cookbook further down the line. or you could just buy it !

in this video i’m making one of david’s recipes actually. he loves desserts and sweet stuff and always wants to bake me something, but i’m really not into sweet things. so one day he started making super fresh raw desserts, and he finally got me hooked. this is probably my favourite !

follow this link if you want to buy my book (in swedish).
ok let’s watch !


raw lime pie
crust :
200 ml / 0.8 cup hazel nuts
150 ml / 0.6 cup dates, soaked for at least one hour
filling :
3 limes, zest and juice
200 ml / 0.8 cup cashews, soaked for at least one hour
50 ml / 0.2 cup coconut oil
1/2 avocado
25 ml / 0.1 cup agave syrup
garnish :
1 lime, sliced

– mix hazel nuts and dates (without the soaking water) to as smooth as possible, in a food processor or blender.
– place the dough in a pie dish or on a plate and form a circle. let sit in the fridge for at least one hour.
– heat the coconut oil carefully until melted.
– place the cashews (without soaking water) in a food processor or blender, with avocado, coconut oil, agave syrup and the juice and zest from the limes. mix until smooth, add more agave if needed.
– pour the filling evenly onto the crust and let sit in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours to settle. garnish with sliced lime just before serving.


thanks for watching these episodes and for celebrating the cookbook with me. you guys are always the best – it really is so much fun sharing this with you ^^

love // jenny



  1. Wauw this looks so yummie!! And I LOVE your video’s!!! I can’t tell you enough

  2. Hello ! Congrats on your book ! I can’t wait to see it published in english ! I was wondering which food processor do you use or if there is one brand you prefer above the other ?
    Kisses xxx

    • hey lovely !
      i have a cheap one, quite bad actually hahah ! so i don’t know which particular brand i would recommend… but if i find one i’ll write about it on the blog for sure :)

  3. This looks so good! Thinking of trying it out this weekend. But I”d like to know the size of the dish to make it in. What diameter?

    • hey ! since it’s not baked the size of the dish doesn’t really matter (just make it as thick or thin as you want) i used a normal plate to make this pie in the video. good luck !! :D

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  5. Hey Jenny i made this with my girlfriend and i think it convinced me to go vegan. It was amazing! My mom said it might be the best desert shes ever had ! Thanks so much and best wishes of future success and more recipes!

  6. Hi Jenny, I tried this today and it worked out perfectly! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to freeze it to get it solid! (One other raw vegan cheesecake I tried had to be frozen so was hard to cut and eat.) But the pie tastes like avocado. I’m afraid if I use more lime it will be too sour, and if I use more agave it will be too liquid to set. Any suggestions?

  7. That looks super amazing, I just have 2 questions! Does this taste desserty or the avocado taste is too intense? And what can I use instead of cashews? thanks! <3

  8. Dear Jenny,

    Never mind about my avocado taste comment above. After a day in the fridge the flavors developed and it is PERFECT. Thank you!

  9. I’ve made this pie today for New Years I’ve made it before and it is so yummy and creamy ☺️ Just a little struggle with my blender haha
    I wish you a happy new year ✌

  10. Hello Jenny where can I buy one of those things you put the candle in and kettle on top and do you know what they are called please because I’m thinking of buying one instead of an electric kettle.

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  12. Hi! I’d love to try this recipe, but unfortunately I’m allergic to avocado. Is there any way to do this dessert without it? thanks xxx

  13. Carol blagg

    Hi Jenny…….I love your vedios and would love to buy your cookbook in english.
    Going to try your raw lime pie……I’m just starting to go vegan and raw and you have been a pleasant inspiration. Thank you for being You

  14. This pie was delicious! But I think every part of it needs to be doubled because my pie was quite flat and not nice and stacked like the photos. ☹️ Maybe could also add a little bit of coconut cream whipped cream topping as well, just to add another flavor to the profile. Thanks for this recipe! I’ll happily make it again. Love your look, too!

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