RECIPE : turmeric apple porridge

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my epic love story with turmeric continues. here’s a breakfast or quick and easy lunch idea for you – turmeric apple porridge with the trimmings !
i like cooking my porridge with a lot of water to make it runnier. that way it’s super easy on my tummy, and i don’t need any plant milk to go with it. think more like gruel (although that’s an incredibly unsexy name).

you can’t actually taste the turmeric, so go ahead and add it for the DNA protective curcumin (the yellow pigment in turmeric, with crazy health-promoting skills). plus, the colour isn’t half bad, is it ? add whatever fruits and berries you want, and you’ve got a breakfast – or lunch – of champions.


turmeric apple porridge
serves 1
75 ml / 0.3 cups of oats
250 ml / 1 cup of water
1/2 apple, diced
a handful of raisins
a dash of turmeric
1/2 banana, sliced
a handful of raspberries (or whatever berries you like)
a dash of cinnamon

– add oats and water to a pot and bring to a boil
– reduce the heat, add raisins, apple dices and turmeric, and let it simmer for about 5-7 minutes, until the oats have sort of collapsed a little
– top with banana slices, raspberries and cinnamon. enjoy !

p.s. this portion is sort of on the lighter side. add more oats and use a whole banana for a more filling meal.


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ok i’m signing off now – i actually have a fun day of celebrating ahead of me !
can’t wait to tell you guys more about it later ^^

love // jenny


    • jennymustard

      yeah you should try it, it’s just colourful but doesn’t really taste a lot :P
      thank you sooo much for following !!! ur always the sweetest <3

  1. My best friend suffers from severe inflammation due to an accident and does really well with tunerics anti-inflammatory properties. New ways to incorporate more into her diet are much appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you sweet darlin ~<3

    • jennymustard

      wow i’m so happy to hear that turmeric is helping your friend. that’s amazing !
      lots of love // jenny

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  4. Hi! I was just looking for some advice :) I’ve been eating vegan for over a year due to ethical & environmental reasons, and last year got more into a whole foods approach to eating :) the only thing is, even though what I eat is healthy, is there such a thing as overeating on a whole foods vegan diet? And could you maybe do a video on some soup recipes? Thanks so much!
    Also, from curiosity, what made you essentially want to move to Berlin? Is it just about experiencing a new adventure or is it nicer than Sweden? It has always been my dream to live for a while in Sweden (or the countries near it)! :)

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  6. OMG – this is divine! I was feeling a bit sceptical, as I only just started using turmeric in my cooking last week and found it quite strong. Given your comment about not being able to taste it, I thought I would give it a go – and I am so glad I did. As a newbie, I was quite aware of the turmeric taste (which I find slightly sour) so I added a drizzle o honey over the top and then it was just magic. In fact, I enjoyed my breakfast bowl so much that I made it again for lunch! I also added a dash of ginger at lunch to boost the anti-inflammatory properties even more :)

    For those who aren’t anti-microwaves, simply put everything (bar the berries which I added once cooked so the colour wouldn’t “run”) into a bowl, microwave on high for 2 minutes, stir it all through, and then give it another minute. Obviously the larger serve would need slightly longer. I can’t believe how good this tasted, and how easy it was to make – I am so glad I found this recipe, and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing it :)

  7. Hi Jenny! I’m a long time follower, but this is my first comment. I tought I should thank you, not only for this recipe, which was my go-to breakfast during winter, but for everything you post. You (and David) make eating and living, easy and joyful. So thank you for sharing your thoughts, food, music (I like most of your songs) and now even movies with us. I follow a couple more blogs on Bloglovin, but I have to tell you, yours is always the first I want to read, and your recipes the first I want to try. Best wishes from Portugal! :)

    • jennymustard

      oh this is so sweet, thank you so much lovely !
      you’re the best <3

  8. Why did you move to Berlin Jenny? Is Berlin a safe city I wonder after hearing about the recent terrorist and immigration issues in Europe. I live in the USA and I was planning to take my daughter to visit Europe after she graduates from High School but I’m having second thoughts now.


    • Germany and especially Austria are very safe. Take her to Vienna (Austria) if you can, you’ll love it! I’ve been living here for 6 years :)

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  11. I love watching your videos, have subscribed, and also to bloglovin ^^ I live not far from you – in lovely Leipzig. May I ask if you use fresh or frozen berries in this recipe? I’m making it tomorrow morning for my daughter and I, but I’ll sprinkle a few slithered almonds on top too. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. This recipe is fantastic! I just discovered your blog and channel, having been vegan for the past six months or so. I love that this is something I can make even in a university dorm!

  14. Hello Jenny. Every time I read or watch any of your posts, I am getting a bust of energy and happiness. Thank you. Wish you all the best.

  15. Hi! Just wondering, do you not use any salt in the porridge? It that why the turmeric doesn’t taste so much?

  16. Ok I attempted to read all the comments – apogies if I’m repeating another question ;)
    Wondering what kind of oats do you use ? Are they the same for each recipe or do they vary? Why do I ask ??? Because I’m certainly thinking I’ll porridge several times a week & I live in Northern Cali (US) & feel like we may have different options ???
    Xoxo DawnRenee

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