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we’re already a few days into october, time really is flying ! september was great, but i’m ready for new adventures. so here’s my monthly column as usual, with my hopes and inspirations for the new month.

– as you might know, we’ve just moved again ! we’ve left the white airy apartment we were subletting for the summer, and are now back in the swedish countryside for a month. yesterday was our first day back in nature and so far i’m loving it. my hope is that the simultaneously calming and exhilarating effect that nature is having on me will last for the rest of the month. i want to do nothing but work my tail off, cook gorgeous autumn food, and take long walks by the ocean.

– when october is ending we’re going to portland for 3 weeks. after that, we don’t know !
fingers crossed for berlin in december. so my hope is that by the time we’re boarding that flight to portland, we’ll know more about our – very – uncertain future. but to be honest, in one way i’m sort of happy with how up in the air our lives are at the moment. it makes me feel quite adventurous. and i can tell you one thing – ten years ago i never ever would have thought that my life could turn out this way. but that’s what happens when you invite a david into your life.


– the sunny autumn chill is having a huge impact on me at the moment. the last summer vibes died with september, and here to stay is crisp air, red trees, and a pale sun that sets earlier each night. i’ve got such an itch in my cooking fingers. prepare for this blog to go a bit autumn overload this month, with hot steamy spicy soupy dishes taking over.

– i think that creating the vegan inspo series was a brilliant move. i’ve discovered so many amazing bloggers / youtubers because of it, and i’m spending so much more time blog surfing now. how fun ! so here’s a random link list of things i’ve seen lately that for some reason or another has stuck with me.

first up, this rawsome vegan life tried the recipe for edmamame dumplings from my cookbook and this was one of the highlights for me last month. both the incredibly sweet words of course, but also just seeing how she photographed them made my jaw completely drop. emily is definitely climbing fast on my all-time favourite blogger list.

this green harvest pan from swedish blog det gröna skafferiet (the green pantry) looks like a little piece of heaven. and my girl olga from fablunch really know how to use zucchinis in new inventive ways. this hummus is on my to do list for sure.


i’ve stumbled on a blog by chance that i’ve never heard of before – but oh man am i glad that i did ! the little plantation is a gem that deserves all of our attention. i tried choosing one post to share with you here to prove my point, but they’re all so beautiful so no point in choosing just one. go have a look and thank me later !

photographer ezgi polat’s instagram account has really upped the scale of my feed lately. she’s so good that i really have to remind myself to see her photos as inspiration rather than just making me envious (remember my column about envy vs inspiration ?)

and finally, i love following ebba zingmark’s berlin adventures. how could i not – a swedish blogger in berlin taking the most beautiful photos ! she’s where i want to be in a few months time ^^

ok that’s it for me guys. now i want your links ! things that have stuck with you lately, on blogs, youtube, instagram, whatever.
inspire me !

love // jenny

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