VEGAN TRAVELS : gothenburg film festival

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last weekend i went to the gothenburg film festival for 2 nights with mr boyfriend. we had such a good time, taking a well deserved break from working too much.

we saw some films, met some people, had some great food, and even got time for a beer in an outdoors jacuzzi in the middle of a snow fall. all in all – not a bad weekend.


we were lucky enough to get VIP-passes to the festival, meaning we could watch as many films as we wanted for free.
we saw:
– in order of disappearance (by hans petter moland)
– a seminar with japanese director naomi kawase
– still the water (by naomi kawase)
– flowers of taipei : new taiwan cinema (by chinlin hsieh)
– life may be (by mania akbari and mark cousins)

foodwise we didn’t really have a lot of time for restaurants (we were basically having snacks during the films to squeeze in more cinema time).

one of the restaurants we did visit however was brewers beer bar.
a cozy bar with tons of beer to choose from and lovely sourdough pizzas. they had 3 vegan pizzas on the menu, which of we tried two – one with mushroom cream, chives, scallion and mushrooms and a blend of 2 vegan cheeses; one with tomato sauce, avocado, almonds, hazelnut dressing and 2 vegan cheeses. can’t remember the last time i went out for pizza, and boy am i glad i did ! the sourdough pizza crust is probably the best crust i’ve ever had, and fun to have pizzas with a fresh take on fillings.
but the best thing about brewers is probably neither the beer nor the pizza, it’s the service ! we were so well taken care of and had such a lovely dinner.


we also went to ekostore like 5 times. lots of vegan stuff, and perfect place to buy snacks to eat at the cinema. we bought tons of vegan chocolate, and a bunch of other goodies. friendly staff. the shop is so neat too, everything looks fresh and tasty ^^

our final day we had lunch at hagabions cafe. they had 2 vegan choices: soup, and bread with hummus. not extremely imaginative i have to say. but yeah it tasted good anyway, and the venue is nice.


i haven’t spent that much time in gothenburg before. and the few times i have visited in the past i’ve been quite disappointed. but i have to say, gothenburg – you’re growing on me !
except for your taxis. your taxis suck dude.

love // jenny


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