VLOG : 5 hot summer survival tips | feeling fresh + looking good

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hi from berlin fashion week madness !
this week is basically just full of running around to different appointments, events and shows, so i’m just popping in here on the blog quickly to show you what i was up to last week instead.

it was crazy hot here last week, and boy does that drain energy out of you ! so i just focused on the 3 main ingredients to surviving a hot summer in the city – watermelon, accessorising, sunscreen, shimmering makeup, and slowing down.

we met up with one of our favourite youtube foodies – rose from cheap lazy vegan. oh man, rose is just the sweetest – we had so much fun hanging out ! she will actually be our first ever guest in our ‘sunday breakfast with the mustards’ video series, we’re so happy that she wanted to bring some chill vegan laziness to our sunday morning. which actually was friday mid-day. ah well !


and guys can you believe it – this saturday, after 2 years, 3 months and 20 days, we will once again have a home of our own !
we are too relieved to even know what to say, this is one of the happiest i’ve ever been ^.^

it might sound like nothing special to most people, but for us this is such a big deal. for a while there it seemed almost impossible.
be happy for us, won’t you ?

love //  jenny & david

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  1. I know (having grown up in Germany) the heat can get too much, but right now I’m kinda envious, as I’m in Ireland and it’s pissing rain and 14 degrees. If you could send me over about 10 degrees, I believe we’d both have a nice and pleasant summer? Deal? ;-)

    Also, seeing David there at the iMac really reminded me how much I’d like to learn doing things with iMovie. I’ve kinda started a bit on my own, but I’m very bad at it. Any video-editing tips from you guys would be so much appreciated!

  2. Patricia Pino

    What color and what product is jenny wearing on her lips in above photo and when you make apartment announcements?

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