ETC : a fun week | cooking collabs + blog event + interview + karaoke

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i’ve had a fun and a bit crazy week, so full that i feel almost bulldozed now. except for the usual un-glamorous tasks of a full-time blogger – hours upon hours at home, staring at pics on the laptop and chopping onions in the kitchen – some very fun things happened too.

here’s a summary !

me and david have filmed a what i eat in a day video that i will post tomorrow ! this is the second one we’ve filmed, and it’s a bit crazy having the camera follow you the whole day.
but very fun, can’t wait to show you guys tomorrow. it’s an autumn edition, so it’s full of warming hearty foods !


i’ve met up with swedish vegan legend kitty and we cooked up some kid-friendly vegan food for her two kids. that was a lot of fun, will tell you more about it next week.

maybe you saw that already, but me and david made a video with some advice for anyone wanting to try going vegan – where i also talk a little bit about why and how i went vegan in the first place. i’m starting to think vlogs are quite fun to make. hope you like watching them too !

i’ve been in two magazines lately and today i finally sat down to have a proper look – a surprise mentioning in newspaper dagens ETC, and a lovely interview about food and minimalism in vegan magazine vegmat. weird feeling seeing my face in print like that, i’m still such a rookie at this blogging business.


yesterday we split our time between the laundry room and going chai crazy (the smell of chai spiced muesli toasting in the oven is hard to beat).
and in the evening we went to this friendly, cozy and generous event hosted by our blog agency. meeting a few other bloggers, drinking champagne, eating mexican, and having all kinds of different green, fizzy, pink, sweet and sour drinks. and i usually never drink spirits… ah well.

also at the event was lovely ebba – so great to see her again (we made a cooking vid with her a while back, remember ?) and we’re even more excited about berlin – if that’s possible – after hearing her talking about the city last night. oh can’t wait to go !

the night ended at a karaoke place. who doesn’t love karaoke ? well, david doesn’t for example ^^
none-the-less, i actually got the rare treat of seeing him taking a twirl on the dance floor with super fun top model ellinor. that’s not something you see everyday !

we were going to finish strong this weekend with a party at our favourite singer miss li’s – but i’m having some unforeseen tummy trouble (crazy weeks can do that to you, uh-oh). you can’t win them all eh ?
so instead this is going to be one of those staring-at-food-pics and chopping-onions kind of weekends, hopefully convincing david to take care of me and my tummy a bit extra. i’m thinking steamed rice and movie nights. shouldn’t be all that bad come to think of it.

this does sound like a fun week, doesn’t it ? thanks for sharing the highlights with me !
and hope you guys have had a good week too – no matter if in a relaxed, fun, exciting, calming, or cozy kind of way. what did you get up to ?

love // jenny

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