FOOD : what i eat in a day | summer edition

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here it is like promised – i’ve finally made a what i eat in a day video !

you remember that mini holiday me and david took to the lake a few weeks back ? we actually filmed this video then, but haven’t had a chance to upload it yet because the cookbook videos came between.

anyway, hope you like it ! and like i say in the video, i’d be more than happy to make an autumn everyday edition too – let me know what you think.

the other videos i’m talking about :
breakfast bowl with homemade oat milk
vegan inspo : our food stories | gluten-free banana pancakes
3 things : to make your smoothie healthier


and if you want to see more photos from our mini holiday :
our countryside morning meeting
a drink on the deck

oh and let me know if you want me to share the recipe for david’s favourite dinner that we’re having in the vid – he calls it simply rice, tofu, and green beans.

tale care of yourselves for now guys !

love // jenny



  1. Hi Jenny!

    I found your blog through Healthy.Happy.Life., when Kathy posted your video of you making her recipe: lemon-pepper fettuccine alfredo. I really like your photos. I wanted to say that as a vegan myself, I admire your thoughts on this lifestyle and hope to see many more posts of you and your food. I am excited to try to make my own soy yogurt from your recipe.

    • hi dana ! thank you so much for the lovely comment ! you’re very kind to say so :)
      i’m glad you like what we do and i hope you like the soy yogurt !!
      lots of love // j

  2. Tuuusind tak for en dejlig video^^ Stemningsfyldt, hyggelig, inspirerende… lige til at blive i godt humør af. Lav endelig flere af den slags<3<3<3 også på helt almindelige hjemmedage.
    Er det en del af dit image at du aldrig smiler?;-)

    • tack tack tack for att du tittar !! du ar valdigt gullig !!
      hahah, jag ler hela tiden tycker jag ! inte pa foton, men i videos i alla fall :)

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  4. Hello! I just wanted to say how much i love your food & photos & videos! So soft & dreamy to listen but still with so much good info! Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  5. I loved the basmati and greens dinner! What do you flavor you tofu with? The recipe sounds so good&simple and healthy
    Kind regards, Selma

    • normally i just fry it in a tiny bit of oil with sea salt and lots of white pepper. just make sure to fry it long enough on each side before flipping to get it crispy :) love // j

  6. Hi! Great video! I love all the scenery in Sweden; it’s beautiful! I have a question about the white rice- is white rice considered as healthy as brown rice? I’ve read online that it’s easier to digest but contains less nutrients, so I’m not sure which rice would be healthier if I’m trying to lose a bit of weight?

    Also, when you made the tofu, what oil and seasonings did you use? Thanks so much!

    • hi mariah !
      yep brown rice is healthier in that way that it has all the nutrients and fibre preserved. but, as you say, basmati rice is easy on the digestion, so if you have a problem with that, basmati is the way to go :) brown rice is great if you need to lose some weight (for health reasons), because it keeps us feeling full and gives a more even blood sugar spike.
      i prefer eating brown rice because of its health benefits, but i eat white rice sometimes too.
      for this dinner, i only fried the tofu in a tiny bit rape seed oil, some sea salt and a lot of white pepper. the trick is to leave if frying on each side long enough for it to get golden and crispy.
      cheers !!

  7. Hey Jenny, I just discovered your site and I am obsessed! I would love a step-by-step recipe for the rice, tofu and green beans meal–looks so simple, warming and delish. Thanks for giving me a kick of re-inspiration in the kitchen…coming into these cooler months I am definitely looking for new ideas of what to whip up! Love and light to you.

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  11. Hi jenny x can you please share
    The recipe for your rice, tofu, and green beans? Thanks so much.

  12. Please share the recipe for the Rice, Tofu and Green Beans!! I need this recipe in my life!!

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