MINIMALISM : my story

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this is a video that has been requested quite a lot – a video about minimalism and how i adopted the lifestyle.

like i say in the video, this is just my thoughts, i’m in no way an expert. i just like to modify the concept to suit me and my perspective. your minimalism might look completely different from mine – isn’t that exciting ?

if you’re curious about living minimal and simplifying your life, i also recommend you check out some of my other minimalism posts – to get a better idea on my view of the minimal life :
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love // jenny

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look at our gorgeous new laptop btw !
it’s a gift from our friends over at asus.

here are some outfit pics from the video shoot. hope you like them ^^



  1. Beautiful video :-) I love the idea of minimalism. It was not until I started reading your blog that I realised that I’m a minimalist too in some ways. Now some things, I’d never give away or get rid of, for example books and music, but apart from that I’m very good at throwing things out. I own five or six pairs of shoes. I have as little furniture as I can get away with. And I have simplified my life – almost a bit too much, I’m starting to reach out more now, but I needed a time away from the noise of the world in order to figure out which parts of it I do want to let in again.

  2. Always love your stuff, Jenny. I love that others share the excitement I have about having such a simple and calm lifestyle.

  3. I knew that I was pro environmental
    minimalism, but I didn’t realize that minimalism suited me also, in other ways; like just eschewing tiny, little apartment clutter with a vengeance!
    You made me want a “crisp white” home now! And I love recipe simplification.
    Love minimalism.
    Thank you again, Jenny

  4. minimal lover

    You should simplfy the term minimalizm with just a single sentence.
    I think your face will take care of the rest :) What a beauty…

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