ETC : our halloween night

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saturday was our first whole day here in portland, and after a trip to an amazing vegan bbq food truck for lunch (will show you pics later) we came back to the apartment we’re staying at and laid the finishing touches to our halloween costumes, and had a lovely orange halloween inspired dinner at home.

after dinner we went to a house party a few blocks away. so american right ? we even drank our wine out of huge, bright red plastic cups. felt like a movie ^^

here’s my costume !
me and david and our hosts sara and ian all dressed up in matching outfits.
(you’ll have to excuse the image quality, this was 10pm just before we left for the party)
anyone see what we’re supposed to be ?


hope you had an amazing halloween night, whatever you got up to.
would love to hear about your costume !

love // jenny

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