ETC : release party for NEW VEGAN

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last night we had a little release party for my book at the publisher’s. me and david were running around like crazy all day – baking crisp bread, mixing aubergine, soaking cashews and getting chocolate all over the kitchen. but some intense and hectic days are just so much fun.

this was one of those evenings you’ll always remember. i’ve been lucky enough to end up with the best publisher in the world. ok so max ström is the only publisher i’ve ever worked with, but there’s no way there’s a better one out there. this whole process has been such a dream come true, and i’ve been so well taken care of and encouraged since day one. i couldn’t be more grateful.

anyway, i took some pics with my phone before everyone showed up. after that i just enjoyed myself.

release1release18release8release16release11 release10

signing books – like a pro (twilight zone moment)
these are the 5 signed giveaway copies. get your hands on one !

got some seriously cute presents and flowers.
release6 release5release4 release3

after the party, we had a late night picnic at home on the floor with some champagne and snacks.
we had uploaded the giveaway video before going to the release party and when we got home we’ve gotten more than a hundred comments, with people telling us which one of our videos is their fav.
david read them all aloud to me. that was an overwhelming experience.

ok, so i’ve had quite a lot of champagne and i was probably a bit sentimental. but still. i admit i was tearing up just a little a few times. a big thank you to everyone who’s shared their thoughts !
and the comments just keep coming in.
i have no idea how i’ll be able to choose five winners.

love // jenny


  1. Dejligt at det blev en god dag! Det fortjener du afgjort:-)
    Over 100 kommentarer? Glæder mig på dine vegne… men ikke på mine. At vinde = at finde en nål i en høstak, hihi.

    • thank you lovely ! if it gets published in english it prop won’t be out until next summer… :s

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