ETC : summer rolls with friends sonny & miss li

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last night was fun ! me and david had summer rolls with friends sonny and linda – a.k.a our favourite super star miss li – to celebrate the cookbook. we were at their hangout / music studio, which is the most amazing place. it’s got so much personality – quirky, funny and incredibly stylish. just like sonny and linda of course.

linda and sonny make up two thirds of studio swedish attack, writing music for all them hot new artists together with their third half mattias.
if you by some off chance haven’t heard miss li’s music yet – check it out and thank me later.

sorry for the crappy mobile pics btw, didn’t have my camera with me.


and like she could be any cooler, linda recently turned vegetarian. yep it’s proven once more – all the cool kids are doing it ^^


selfie time.
image image

so sweet, we got these stunning roses from linda & sonny. and we of course gave them a cookbook ^^
image image

ok guys, let’s be serious for a moment. linda’s got the most amazing hat and clothing collection i’ve ever seen. we ended the night with trying on all the funny and gorgeous hats. we’re so having a real photo shoot soon, this collection needs to be proper appreciated !
this one’s my favourite, omg pure love :

thanks for checking in guys !
love // jenny


  1. Wow Miss Li has an amazing voice. I’m spending some time listening to her music right now :)
    Can’t wait for the photo shoot. This hat is sick! I’m sure it will be lots of fun for you guys and for us, readers :)

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