MINIMALISM : how to create your dream life (the smart way)

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this video speaks pretty much for itself – how to reach your goals without leaving it up to someone else. basically grabbing life by the balls ^.^

me and david talk about this all the time – how risky it is to leave the fate of your life in the hands of other people. waiting for that approval, for that break, getting signed, hired, published, featured or whatever it is that we’re dreaming of. the world isn’t what it used to be, we all now have chances to express ourselves in a way that could never have happened just 15 years ago.

we are so lucky to be living in this age. technology is just getting cheaper and more accessible to us.  it’s possible to be a creative even as a minimalist who wants to simplify the creative process ^.^
i can’t wait to see what till happen over the next decades.


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love // jenny

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  1. WOW, another great inspirational video! ‘Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is a requirement for success’ – going to write this one down and put it in front of me at my desk ;) Thanks Jenny & David, loving these videos to pieces!

  2. I basically cheered at every sentence you said there, Jenny :-) It does take time, there aren’t any shortcuts, but the great thing about modern “dream-fulfillment” is that it usually doesn’t cost a lot, so at least you’re not going broke when you fail. And failure is indeed an ingredient of success, I wish they taught that in our schools instead of making kids feel bad whenever they get something wrong.
    Off to work some more on my new website!

  3. I’ve always had this huge admiration for minimalists. Society has programmed this idea that stress, clutter, consumerism and materialism are all healthy aspects of life, but they are actually so toxic and are just made to keep up detached from reality and finding out the truth about life and ourselves. Minimalism is so powerful and it can be so beneficial for you. I credit you and David for making these inspirational videos so that you can inspire so many others to join the movement <3

  4. Thank you! I’m trying to start a career as a research scientist which is also a very competitive field and this was exctly what I needed to hear today. More please :)

  5. Martha Thacker

    Oh my god! This video speaks to me loud and clear – I’m definitely going for my dreams. Thanks Jenny for shearing. I love your videos and your posts xoxo Martha

  6. You’re so inspiring!! After watching your videos or reading your posts I always have this calm but motivated feeling of that we should all just give our very best by keeping things simple and staying focused. You’ve definitely become one of my favourite youtoubers/bloggers!

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