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i have been longing and looking forward to this month more than anyone usually looks forward to november.
why ?
because i just landed in portland yesterday, after waiting for this trip since may. i couldn’t be happier !

so this edition of the monthlies will be all about portland of course, or travelling in general. my hopes and inspirations, finishing off with some link loving below – let’s go !

– after working my little tail off for way longer than i care to admit, my biggest hope for this month is some relaxation. i want my three weeks in portland to be all about chilling, eating, walking, and sleeping. looking at random things. meeting some talkative americans of course. and not-to-mention celebrating halloween in the us ! david is so over the moon about that one ^^

– i’m hoping for some serious food adventures while i’m here in portland ! i’ve been told that portland is the city with the biggest vegans in the world, so that’s an indication of what the vegan food scene might be like. can’t wait to show you guys all that yummy food i’ll be trying out !

– i’m always getting so inspired by people daring to be creative, in particular visual creators. i can’t draw to save my life, so illustrators really impress me.
however, no matter your particular way of expressing yourself, express yourself somehow !
here’s some gorgeous fan art i’ve been sent recently, i’m so grateful and flattered ! can’t wait to find a proper apartment and start printing my fav fan art to put on my walls. more personal and unique art should be hard to find i reckon.
the stunning illustration above is made by @reginasantanamoda !

by @julie_arts

by @orozcoco

by miesmakes

– and finally, let’s get on that link list !
here are some titbits of what’s been catching my eye in my feed this month,

if you read my blog post yesterday that i wrote on the flight over here to portland, you already know that i was really impressed by vegan lifestyle mag vegan good life. so luxurious and interesting, not at all focused around food, which i find refreshing. it feels like this magazine is more aimed towards people that have been vegan a while and have incorporated the whole lifestyle, instead of new vegans, or vegan curious, who need tips on how to start. since i’ve been vegan for years and years now, it’s great to find a magazine that sort of gets me.

i’m really into simple, natural skin care that’s clean enough to eat. this recipe for homemade deodorant by lovely karoline from gröna skafferiet is on my to do list. i’m thinking of adding some tea tree oil or lime oil to the mix !

this falafel sandwich from gorgeous blog sprouted kitchen looks amazing (minus the feta cheese of course). i’m really into mediterranean / middle eastern food atm – fresh, spicy, and true comfort food.

joshua of vegan clothing line brave gentleman is one inspiring person. i love his take on ethical consumerism, masculinity, and how to use personal style to make the world a better place.

not one, but two vegetarian bloggers i admire and have loved working with are nominated for the swedish food blog award matbloggspriset in the category of best photo. actually three of the four nominees are vegetarian blogs, how exciting is that !
congratulations to both hanna and mary, i’m so happy for you and keeping my fingers crossed for the both of you. and guys, go look at their photos to see why they’re nominated – they’ve got some magical stuff.

that’s it for this month ! please feel free to share links to the most inspiring things you’ve seen this month ! would love to see what you’ve got ^^

love // jenny

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  1. absolutely love your blog n your vlogs ! always waiting for new things all the way from New Zealand. you are such an inspirational, amazing person n i am so lucky to have found you !! much love x

  2. I hope you have a great time in the US! I wonder what it’s like to be in a place where you can easily get vegan food practically everywhere. These kinds of places are few and far between in Ireland.

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