TRAVEL : my top 5 portland restaurants

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omg you guys, thank you so much all of you who answered my questions about yourself yesterday !
i feel so connected to you now. like you’re not just stats on a screen anymore – you’re interesting, kind, unique, lovely persons, and i’m so lucky to have each and every one of you as a reader !

moving on.
we’ve been back in stockholm for more than a week already – time flies over here !
so now we’ve had a chance to go through all of our portland video material, and this is video #1 from our trip ( if you don’t count the airplane edition of what i eat in a day ) – with 5 of my favourite places to eat in portland.

we of course went to a lot of other lovely places too. scroll down for some bonus tips.

these pics are from the dark, rainy and cozy day we went walking around and had lunch at bye and bye, a completely vegan bar. i was so surprised that the food was this nice. and this was david’s favourite, he loves a good sandwich that’s for sure.


btw, wasn’t my outfit that day just brilliant ? i was very pleased with that one ^^


except for bye and bye, i’ve written more about the other 4 restaurants in different posts here on the blog :
natural selection
homegrown smoker vegan bbq
farm spirit


a few other places i really liked :
bamboo sushi – this should actually be on my top 5 list, but we had a night off and didn’t take any pics or shoot any video, so can’t show you anything from there. but amazingly inventive sushi, with a vegan-friendly menu.

petunia’s – vegan, gluten-free bakery with tons of ott stuff to choose from. too sweet for me, but hey go for it if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

the driftwood room at the hotel deluxe – a most romantic and luxurious hotel bar, with beautiful champagne cocktails ( and great happy hour prices ). it’s totally dark in there, but we got some pretty cool shots by using our iphone flashlights. will show you later !

biwa – japanese place with vegan natto ! finally i got to try natto after being crazily curious for years now. pure love ! vegan-friendly, but not a vegetarian place.

blue star donuts – they have a few vegan options. try the orange flavoured one, it’s amazing.


now, reading this it might seem like all we did was gobble down donuts and inhale champagne drinks. true, we did do a lot of that, but most days we’d cook at home ( as you might have noticed here on the blog with my recipe posts ). we did drink a lot more than usual, so it’s nice in a way to be out of holiday mood and into our usual tea-sipping routine again.

but seriously, if you’re a foodie – go to portland ! you’re going to have a culinary blast i’m telling you !

love // jenny

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