FOOD : €15 / $15 budget meal plan for the week

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another meal plan / meal prep video !
this time i’ve went a bit further and also calculated the cost of this week’s food. i didn’t include snacks or the weekend’s food adventures at dinner – so it’s more or less a monday to friday everyday kind of deal, with leftovers to last us the weekend if we feel like it.

the granola and some of the fruit served as snacks too. and we even got leftover granola for next week, praise the heavens ^.^

so what was the cost altogether ?
we calculated it to exactly €15 or around $15.

not bad considering we got all the main meals for mon-fri, most of our snacks for the week, and breakfast and lunch for the weekend too. plus, it’s all very healthy vegan food, a big part of it is organic, and it’s super yummy too !

check it out !

here are recipes for some of the dishes you see in the video :

budget chocolate granola
apple & turmeric porridge
gingerbread porridge
3 ways to make your smoothie healthier
banana-less nice cream

– chickpea stroganoff
i don’t really have a recipe ready for this one. but here’s sort of what i did :
i sauteed 2 onions, lots of garlic, 1 zucchini, 10-15 mushrooms, 3 red bell peppers, and 1/2 a head of broccoli in salt, pepper, oregano, and a splash of water.
i added about 1.5 portions of ‘the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need‘, and around 750 ml organic unsweetened soy milk, plus a dash of organic, palm oil-free bouillon powder. finally i added about 250g dried chickpeas that i had cooked myself for about 2 hours or so ( without soaking them actually ). then i just let everything huff and puff for 5 minutes before serving.
we served the stroganoff with corn pasta this time, but it would of course work just as well with wholewheat pasta.
i also topped mine off with some homemade kimchi, because… kimchi. that’s not added in the cost calculation though, so i guess that was kind of cheating.

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, I love all your videos, you’re my one and only ‘soulmate blogger’ haha <3

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  3. I’ve looked all over, for a FAQ or if you might have mentioned the flatware and dishes, but I haven’t seen anything. May I ask where you got them? Or a brand? I’m in love with the bow with little handles, and the unique dlateware.

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