3 THINGS : david’s favourite romantic movies

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in our relationship, david is responsible for romance.
he’s really into the pink, fluffy, puppy dog love things. i’m less sentimental and have a slight allergy to pink fluff.

so for this edition of 3 things, i’m leaving the rudder to david.
here you have it – david’s top 3 romantic movies ( get the tissues ready people ! )
take it away david.


away from her (2006)
there’s nothing better than seeing old people just as in love in their old days as in their younger years. unfortunately, in this movie, the woman gets alzheimers and has to be placed in a home, with restrictive visiting hours so that the memory of who her husband is slowly fades away. this is an even more heartbreaking take on a similar theme as the notebook (which i also love), because we see the whole progression of her disease.


brokeback mountain (2005)
stories about forbidden love is usually set in a time and place that can be hard for us to relate to. for example, the peasant and the noble woman or the other way around in every single costume drama ever made. booooooooring ! this however has a modern take that will unfortunately resonate with audiences for years to come. the eastwood western landscape, the 60s and 70s towns in the great plains states, michelle williams and heath ledger as the most depressed couple ever. what’s not to love.


before sunset (2004)
before before midnight and after before sunrise, there was before sunset. even though the first movie set the tone for the trilogy, i think that the second movie is the most romantic due to the longing of two 30 somethings that can’t wait to leave their present life and start over (i’m not talking about us jenny, calm down).

bonus flicks david :
dirty dancing
the notebook
all that heaven allows
(500) days of summer

jenny’s favourites :
like crazy
battle royale
in the mood for love
fried green tomatoes
far from heaven


ok your turn – hit us with your best tearjerkers !

love // david and jenny

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  1. I love The Age of Innocence, it has my two favourite actors as the male and female lead snd is just such an amazing movie. Also Shadowlands, the heartbreaking story of C.S. Lewis and his wife.

  2. I really really loved “Slumdog Millionaire.” And ending was just perfect:-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your movie tips Jenny and David! I love ‘the fountain’ with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. A bit sad but so under rated.

  4. Hej Jenny!

    Jag undrar om du har tips på var man köpa vit miso i Stockholm.

    Tack på förhand,

  5. I love in the mood for love! and chungking express! I am Chinese and enjoy the scenes of old hongkong. I did not think you would appreciate imfl as well:)

  6. oh, and my favorite romantic movies:

    buffalo 66
    chungking express/ my blueberry nights/ in the mood for love
    lovers on the bridge

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  8. Terms of Endearment and Frances are my favorite tearjerkers. They are not romantic movies, but they make me cry every time!

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  10. I will have to watch all these movies now !
    My favourite is The Reader/Der Vorleser with Kate Winslet and David Kross :)!

  11. For me and this is probably due a certain age the best romantic movies are: 1) The Bridges of Madison County OMG to cry like hell, at least I did, 2) Persuasion (perfect), 3)Serendipity 4) Falling in love (Meryl Streep) 5) Keith (2008)

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