3 THINGS : going back to your hometown movies

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i’m on the train now, going to the small city in the middle of sweden where i grew up. it’s a beautiful, misty and sunny morning, and i’m getting tons of shanghai express vibes.
this very thing, going back to the town you lived in as a kid, is almost like a complete movie genre in itself.

so inspired by my trip, here are 3 great films on this very theme – seeing your childhood town again as an adult.


divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood (2002)
oh what a lovely film this is. if you’re feeling cynical and need a love injection – see this movie. i don’t even want to tell you what it’s about, if you haven’t seen it already, because i don’t want to spoil it. so just trust me on this one.
and this is the only feel-good film on this list, so if you want to be happy, read no further.

dolores claiborne (1995)
this is a typical 90s drama thriller, in the best possible sense (i’ve always had a thing for 90s thrillers, can’t get enough). slow-burner, but with an amazing ending. and just like the ya-ya sisterhood, it’s about as an adult finally understanding your parents’ decisions. a clever, beautiful film, and one of david’s favourites. go watch !


straw dogs (1971)
oh this is a violent one. seriously gives me the creeps, and although it’s from the early 70s it’s still shocking to this day in my opinion. we follow david and amy, a married couple who’s going back to amy’s hometown. there they have to deal with the locals, including amy’s old boyfriend – who’s not a happy puppy at all.
this is not one to watch if you want to feel relaxed and happy. it freaked me out and has stayed with me for years.
btw this is not be confused with the alexander skarsgård version from 2011, you really don’t have to watch that one.

oh, i’ve actually got so many more going-home movies i want to share with you… this is a fun theme don’t you think ?
next time i’m going home i’ll make another edition.

i hope my weekend in my old town will be less dramatic than in these 3 films.
have a great weekend kiddos !

love // jenny

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