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if you’ve seen my how to make your smoothie healthier video you already know that i try to eat turmeric everyday. of all the crazy cool plants out there – turmeric is definitely one of my all-time favourites.

but there are of course tons of other amazing plants out there, and quite a few of them have a natural place in my daily diet. except for turmeric, i thought i’d list 3 other plants i eat every day. well almost every day ^^

now before we start i just want to make one thing clear – to me, health is the sum of our whole lifestyle : our entire diet, how we feel mentally, and how we move our bodies. so i don’t want to talk about super foods like i think that all we need to do to be healthy is to chew on some goji berries. a handful of goji berries each day won’t make us fit for fight if they’re the only healthy thing we’re eating. so of course we need to look at our diet in its entirety.

that being said, some plants pack more nutrients than others. so when we’ve got our healthy everyday lifestyle in check, we can get nerdy and spike our nutrient intake or eat plants with specific attributes for the fun of it.
you get what i mean ? ok let’s get going !

1. berries
on a normal day i eat berries twice. for breakfast and for lunch. there are so many nice things to say about berries – there are studies suggesting that they’re good for just about any ailment. anything from fighting cancer, keeping our brains young and quick, good for arthritis, and they might even help us see better. they’re so filled with antioxidants and vitamins, they’re anti-inflammatory and full of fibre.
but the most important thing about berries is in my opinion non of that. it’s the taste. they taste so much ! you can almost tell by the intensity of the taste just how good they will be for our bodies.
my favourites are black currant and then raspberries i think. but i truly love all of them. what are your favs ?

2. beetroot
this won’t come as a surprise to you if you’ve been hanging around this blog for a while. i think beets are one of the most underestimated plants out there. they seem to have a bad rep as hard to handle, and tiresome to cook. i just eat them raw. am i the only one ?
when it comes to colour, beetroot is hard to beat. it gives a beautiful deep red, almost purple, colour to anything it’s cooked with. i love adding it to my smoothies, in salads, or cook my rice with it.
beets aren’t just pretty, they pack a punch ! one of the most antioxidant-filled plants, they seem to be able to help your liver detoxify the body, be great for your gut, protect against heart disease, lower blood pressure, and have tons of vitamins and minerals (especially if you eat the beet greens too).

3. oats
ok, so oats might not be the sexiest species of the plant kingdom, but boy do they deserve some appreciation. so easy to be around, so cheap and accessible all over the world – they really are one of the most important food staples in the world. but don’t be fooled into thinking cheap, beige, and easy means boring. we know better than to judge a plant by its colours right ?
the health benefits of the humble little oats might come as a surprise. for instance, they are packed with one specific type of fibre that prevents blood sugar spikes and slows our digestion of carbs, meaning that they’re super good for people worried about their blood sugar.
they’re also high in magnesium – helping us maintain healthy blood pressure and protecting us against heart attacks and strokes, as well as making oats a proper mood food ! studies indicate that magnesium can help prevent depression. who knew it, porridge actually making you happy ?
oats – not so boring now, are they !

ok now i feel like making a huge bowl of porridge with blueberries and grated beetroot. of course with a dash of turmeric on top.


one final thing. whenever i talk about health – don’t take my word for it !
always do your own research. and if you’re having medical issues, always ask your doctor before changing your diet.
i don’t have any education in medicin. i’m just a random vegan biologist gone blogger. i share my views on health based on studies i’ve read, advice from professionals, and my own experience. i only share things here that i believe in 100%, and i only get information from sources i really trust. but there’s so much misinformation online and us health bloggers are some of the worst at writing random health advice based on next-to-nothing. and we can all be so easily fooled from time to time by self-proclaimed experts with over-simplified quick-fixes and downright dangerous fad diets. so trust yourself, your instincts, and your own research.
i hope this makes sense ^^

ok just felt like that needed to be said. moving on !
i thought i’d end this post with some recipe inspiration for anyone wanting to add more berries, beets, or oats to their diet :
homemade oat milk breakfast bowl
3 raw beetroot recipes
mango berry nice cream
super healthy granola
pink power plum porridge
healthy & easy oat cookies

ok take care of yourselves for now, and let me know which plants you eat everyday !

love // jenny

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  1. Mmmm loved this blog post! Such a simple, yet clever idea! I have to agree with you on berries and oats, I eat those everyday! Also on my list are bananas and spinach and cinnamon… sounds like a recipe for a good smoothie haha! Xx

    • jennymustard

      oh hahah spinach and bananas and cinnamon are deffo 3 things i eat every day too ! :D
      thanks lovely xx

  2. Without a doubt, I eat at least one banana each day. I love them. In smoothies, ice-cream, raw, it’s all good. Apples, grapes, oatbran are daily for me too.
    I also like eating cherries. I typically buy them frozen and already pitted in the store. Being in school, it can be hard to keep much fresh fruit on the counter since they ripen so fast, but I also eat peaches, dates, nectarines, (all organic when possible).
    I’ve tried pre-cooked beets from the store and honestly, they didn’t taste great to me. Maybe I should give beets another chance though.

    • jennymustard

      bananas are one of my essentials too for sure !
      yeah try beets raw, thinly sliced in a salad, it’s a completely different thing ! :D

  3. Only just found this website! We seem to eat similar things :-) And I also work from home, yay!

    One other thing I eat practically every day, if only in small quantities, is raw chocolate. Just the best thing ever.

    • jennymustard

      hey sibylle ! welcome to my blog yay !! so glad you’ve found your way over here :)
      lots of love <3

  4. Virgo Nerviosa

    Hello Jenny :).

    I started following you a few weeks ago without a sound. I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you provide and the soothing effect of your videos. Both reading you here and looking at what you post on youtube is such a pleasure to me and such a … again, a soothing thing. I’m struggling with an eating disorder since many years and – more that what you eat exactly or how you cook – , your general philosophy regarding health and nutrition really helps me with the struggle of learning to look at food with a healthy peaced glance. I feel like I’m learning something essential through Beauty :). The sensible and artistic dimension that I perceive in all your publications, well … it seems I found something I lacked, an additional cornerstone in my reflexion.

    Thank you so much.

    (I’m sorry if you have troubles understanding me. I’m french and I found it quite tough translating my feelings in english ^^).

    • jennymustard

      oh this is such a beautiful comment. thank you so much for sharing your story, and nothing makes me happier than hearing that you’re hopeful and moving forward in your recovery. and that i can inspire you a little in that journey really makes me feel so amazingly good. i’m sending you all my love and best wishes. // j

      • Virgo Nerviosa

        Thank you for your kind answer :).
        This made my day ! ^_^

        … Oh, and I always eat beets raw too. Don’t feel weird about that.
        I’m just to lazy to cook them and they are so nice just like they are :).

        Sending love here too.

        • jennymustard

          i’m so happy you’re happy haha !
          i know right, beets are the best <3

  5. Awww Jenny this post was really helpful and so sweet too. As usual it is so informative, but I really love the fact that you tell your readers to do their research and trust their instincts instead of blindly following self-proclaimed health gurus. It really shows that you know your stuff and only want the best for your readers. <3 <3 <3

  6. I eat oats and berries everyday as well! I hadn’t ever really eaten beets before except for thanksgiving as a child when my aunt would serve pickled beets, but I think I was too young and too unaccustomed to their flavour to really appreciate them. It wasn’t until about a year ago or so that I really fell in love with them. I love the earthy taste and will roast them with other root veggies, toss them in warm grain salads or throw them in my smoothies!

  7. Hvor interessant, at du kan nævne flere ting, som du spiser hver dag. Kan jeg mon pege på bare én ting, som jeg spiser hver eneste dag???
    Hmmm… tænke, tænke… Måske hvis jeg har købt en stor pose et-eller-andet, så kan dette være på menuen et par dage i træk, men altid i forskellige varianter. Og så går der flere dage, hvor jeg slet ikke spiser denne ting.
    Faktisk elsker jeg variation! Spiser fx aldrig aldrig det samme til morgenmad flere dage efter hinanden. Synes det er kedeligt at spise det samme hver dag, så jeg finder hele tiden på noget nyt. Nye ingredienser, nye kombinationer, nye smage, nye teksturer.
    Er det ikke sjovt, som vi er skabt forskellige?

  8. Hy!
    Like you I take care about what I choose to eat, what si healthier for me. So since a cuple of years I choose to eat local and respect the saisons. So here is my question for you ’cause I am just wondering how you deal with : How do you do to eat berries & beets all the year long actually?
    Thanks for your answer.

    • jennymustard

      hi diane,
      the good thing about beets is that they, like a lot of root veggies, can be stored for ages. so that’s why we love them here in sweden, it’s one of the few things you can find locally grown all year around. regarding berries: i get organic frozen berries.
      hope that answers your question :)

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  12. Beetroots are one of my favourite veggies. They are so versatile, you can even use them to prepare a cake.. Trying precooked beetroots from a store is really not a good idea. It’s like discovering the taste of the peaches by eating canned ones. Beetroots are sooo good raw, but of anyone has hard time eating them raw I suggest baking them with a bit of oil, they become soooo sweet. And with the addition of some nuts or almonds they taste havenly. My 6 year old son loves beetroot ‘hamburgers ‘for example.
    Jenny , I have just discovered your blog and I am really impressed by the quality of content and the visual side of it.

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