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we’re boarding our plane back to stockholm on thursday already ! can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks since we arrived here in portland. but the city has treated us so well, we’re super happy that we came and stayed for a like proper amount of time.

since we now feel we’ve gotten a sense for the city, why not list our favourite things about it ?
here are our top 3 reasons why everyone should visit portland !


the food
it’s impossible to talk about our portland stay without mentioning the food. we knew portland was renown for its many vegan restaurants, but we didn’t know just how big the vegan food culture is here. and besides from the sheer amount of vegan places to eat, the quality has also well exceeded our expectations.
we’ll make a video listing our fav restaurants, and i’ll also write about a few highlights here on the blog when we get back to sweden, so stay tuned if you’re interested in amazing food – ranging from cheap food truck grub, to 9 course vegan fine dining !

the look
portland is located in such beautiful surroundings. mountains, forests, and rivers make perfect backdrops to the city’s skyline. i find the colours here amazing, ranging from pale blues to dark greys and greens, depending on the weather.
not to mention the uber cute streets in the east of the river parts of town. small town feeling, with 20s wooden houses and trees everywhere making up a leafy ceiling to the suburban streets. just walking around in portland is a pleasure.


the micro movements
or whatever you want to call it. people here take chances and start small businesses, projects, and communities. everything from knitting clubs, to food trucks, microbreweries, tiny specialised shops, and local charities. it makes portland very un-boring.
if you’ve ever watched the tv show portlandia, you’ll know what it mean ^^

those are our fav things about the city. but there are of course tons of other things to love about portland. like having wild beautiful nature just a short drive out of the city, with crazy cool hikes. like the almost extreme friendliness of its inhabitants. like the eco-consciousness and progressive attitude. like the welcoming atmosphere and open-mindedness to different cultures and lifestyles.

it’s been a pleasure portland ! thanks for having us.

love // jenny

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  1. Hej Jenny! Saw your video on vegan eats in Portland! So happy when you went to Natural Selection – it’s one of my favorite eats in Portland! Glad you enjoyed Portland!

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