ETC : surprise brunch to celebrate david

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on monday morning, i told david to stay in bed so that i could make him a surprise brunch to continue the celebrations of my new cookbook new vegan. i just really wanted to take care of him and appreciate all that he’s done to make the book happen. because even though it’s my name on the cover, this would never have happened without him. he’s been with me every step of the way, working just as hard as me. bringing home that vegan bacon while i was cooking like crazy for months.
and he’s the reason for my self-confidence. he has always believed in me so much, that i finally just started to believe in myself enough to send my photos to book publishers.
i wish his name was on the cover too.


i made him our food stories‘ gorgeous banana pancakes – they’re our new obsession. we had them with a huge fruit salad and some agave syrup. and of course a big cup of tea always.
get the recipe and see the video here.
i also tried out a new recipe for a gluten-free version of the swedish classic crisp bread. they turned out so good, seriously to die for. and so easy to make too ! we just had them with some avocado, tomatoes and basil. yum !
let me know if you want me to share the recipe.

brunch9  brunch2copy

i even surprised david with his favourite flowers. getting some serious good girlfriend points here.

and there she is, the little cutie. the reason why we’re so over the moon happy atm. this is probably the closest to being parents we’ll ever get ^^
you can watch the video we made about her if you feel like it.

tip : add frozen black currant to your water. keeps the water cool, and gives it a lovely fresh taste and beautiful purple colour.
digging in.
brunch16 brunch17

i’m having so much fun guys, let the celebrations continue !!

you can buy the book (in swedish) here.

hope you’re having a fun week too
love // jenny


  1. The other half’s support is so important. It can lift a person up. My boyfriend also believes in me 100% so I know how amazing and important that is. High five to your David!

    Please share the recipe for crisp bread!

    • jennymustard

      i couldn’t agree more jay !
      ok i’ll share a video with the crisp bread recipes soon :D

  2. You are such a sweet and appreciative person. The photos are breathtaking… I kind of want to climb into them and start eating. : )

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