ETC : what me & david do on a romantic saturday off

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we are busy moving today ! from one airbnb apartment to another. we’ve been in this flat for a month, and it’s been so great.
perfect location, gorgeous apartment, beautiful light. so you would guess that i feel sad about moving wouldn’t you ?
i thought i would be too. but actually i’m in the best mood, and ready for new adventures !

this next apartment is in an area we know very little of, but we’ve heard great things about it. fingers crossed !

anyway, all of our things are packed, we’ve cleaned the place up a bit and the taxi will be here in two and a half hours. so why not write a little post about mine and david’s lovely day off the day before yesterday ?


these pics are taken just outside of the house we’ve been staying in this last month. and this is the outfit i wore on saturday. it was such a beautiful sunny pre-spring day, with air filled with grassy spring smells, and streets packed with happy tourists.

we have a little saturday routine – every other week david plans a whole day for me, and every other saturday i plan one for him. this saturday it was my turn to plan the day. we find this so romantic, to get surprised every two weeks. and it’s so much fun both planning for the other person, and to be the one getting a whole day planned for you.

this is what we did.
we started the day by taking a long stroll through the city, drinking tea, checking out a book market, and looked at houses. dreaming of the future apartment of our very own !


after our walk, we came home and just relaxed. i did some writing, and david watched a documentary series.
at night, we went to dinner at rawtastic, a fully raw restaurant / café in prenzlauer berg. i had the tex mex bowl which was nice. and i accidentally ate a whole tiny piri piri, which was not nice. when we came home we crawled up in the sofa in comfy clothes and had some fruits and chocolates and a cup of tea and watched the first two episodes of the new x files. have you seen it ? what do you think ?

i would say that this is a typical date day for me and david. we love just walking around, talking, and eating good food. our work days are usually very full on and can sometimes be quite stressful, so we like our days off to be chill.
we are totally each other’s best friends, so just hanging out babbling on about this and that is a perfect day for me.


i also tried a new spring themed coral makeup look by the way. i really like it, it looks sort of fresh and unusual imo. let me know if you want me to do a tutorial on this look !


ok, time to do some finishing touches on the packing and get going to our new airbnb !
wish us luck you guys.

love // jenny

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wearing coat from zl by zlism*, top from noisy may*, cosplay goggles that i found on amazon
*sponsored product


  1. What a lovely day it sounds !
    First thing i thought was ” looks like a new make up ! “

  2. It sounds like a real nice, romantic and relaxing. what a great way to strengthen your bond. Farah

  3. I would be curious about what parts (as in areas) of berlin you like best so far? which district are you currently staying in and which one would you like to move to permanently?

  4. Just watched the makeup tutorial and got over here. The look is beautiful!!! And it’s the street we lived in last summer in Berlin <3 love the city

  5. Lovely look, where are your pants from? Also, I’m patiently waiting for your everyday make-up look tutorial. Your eyeliner is always amazing!

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