MINIMALISM : how to get rid of stuff

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third video in a week’s time ! yep, we are trying something new. it’s so much fun filming, and since we’re now working with content creating full time both me and david, we’re experimenting with sometimes adding a third weekly video.

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i can not express to you enough how much it means to us, knowing that you value our videos enough to help us build a career out if it. you guys are stars !

ok, so about this episode of becoming minimalist.
for me, it’s not about how many or how few things you own. i would never get rid of something just to prove a point or to be good. it’s not a competition. it’s not about forcing yourself to give a thing up that means something to you.

i don’t believe it’s anything wrong with owning things. some things make life easier, more beautiful, happier, and more comfortable.

i’m not talking about those things, the good stuff. i’m talking about the things that weigh you down. about reaching the point where you feel overwhelmed, heavy, wasteful, and crowded. for a lot of people, that point never gets reached. for others, like me, that point is reached quite easily. for others yet, owning more than the absolute essentials is stressful. we are all different, and that’s totally ok.

sounds good to you ?
ok, let’s watch !

like i say in the video – i’m having so much fun with these minimalist videos, and i’m totally excited about making more of them covering as many aspects of life as possible. if you have any requests, just let me know !

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love // jenny

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  1. Thank you very much for this video, it comes, for me, on the right moment!
    I am currently trying to totally re-organize my room, and I am maybe even worse than David: I tend to collect every little thing I find (what’s more, I didnt change this room since I was 12…)
    And a room is where you keep your more intimate stuff, so its even harder.
    I am not a minimalist, and I am not intending to become one (because I know that I’ll never be able to give up on collecting stuff), but I really aim to minimalize my belongings and lifestyle (also regarding the fact that I’ll probably move abroad later!).
    So, anyway, thank you for those precious advices.
    When I am going over stuff, I am asking myself whether this object or this one really “matches” with my general style, and then with my lifestyle (utility); and if I will easily forget about it once I throw it away. Also a good way is to make this work a few times in the same place, even if it takes time, in order to reduce gradually the stuff ; as pre-selection, selection, post-selection…
    Good luck to all the future minimalists over here!

  2. You are so smart and logical! I just love your little videos!! They are really really helpful! Thank you!

  3. You really have the power to inspire. Every time i decide to write something here, i realize that i have changed a lot, and part of it is because of this blog….
    I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian, but it was really hard for me…. Now i eat meat less than once a month, and hopefully next time i write i’ll realize that i haven’t eaten meat for months <3

    I also love the minimalism posts. So helpful! I've always had a lot of things, but as you said, things start owning you, and that's no good. So now every year I try to buy less and get rid of more.

    Other things that helped me:
    1. The Marie Kondo Method, to keep your stuff in order and only keep those things that make you truly happy. Just using a few of her tips or reflecting about her way of thinking is a good way to start.
    2. Time changes people. Every year i throw away stuff that i thougth were essential the year before. So try to declutter more than once.
    3. Same thing with emotions. It's not the same to declutter when you're sad than when you're "determined to declutter".
    4. Recycle and fix, before buying. Also, barter with friends!
    5. Give stuff away…there's always a piece of clothing that we really really like but we actually don't use anymore, shoes that we don't even remember we had, things that we replaced……maybe another person really needs that thing. Maybe it can become someone's favorite item.

    As always, thank you so so much :)

  4. I would like to hear your relationship into nature and natural resources as a minimalist. How does that affect to your everyday life, travelling (flying), etc.
    Ps. Your videos and recipes are something that always cheers me up! You are amazing.
    Lots if love ♥

  5. hey i’d love to hear your schedule for grocery shopping!
    do you have a specific day and kind of shop that you always go to, or do you go shopping whenever you feel like it, or when your fridge starts to get empty? do you plan a lot of meals in advance? do you buy in bulk? or beans etc. in cans? or usually dried stuff?
    do you go to “usual” supermarkets/have you bought food online before?/ or have you joined food cooperatives before?
    food cooperatives are a really good/cheap/sustainable way to buy dried groceries in bulk, trash free – cause you can just bring your own packaging like big jars.
    btw, there’s a “no trash supermarket” in berlin, it’s called “original unverpackt” and is in görlitzer straße I think!

    a lot of interesting things you could talk to us about!
    already exited to hear you talk about this,

    • we’re actually shooting a food haul video in a week or so :D so i’ll try to answer as many of your questions as possible then ! very good questions all of them btw <3
      happy friday xx

  6. Another lovely video!
    I’m very very good at throwing things out. Moving internationally with all my stuff (books, clothes, CDs, kitchen equipment…) a total of five times kinda teaches you to only keep what’s necessary :-)

  7. Hello Jenny, I’ve just found your blog and absolutely love it !
    You inspire me a lot even if I’m in this minimalism process since 1 year now :) (in all the aspects of my life : food, consumerism, spirituality, aesthetics, capsule wardrobe,…).
    Some ideas for your next articles / videos or topics I’d really like to see your point of view on: organization of bathroom, organization of important paper (that you can’t get rid of), beauty routine, de-stress tips, how to get rid of things that you know you’ll be better without (really heavy) but that you can’t (is it a mental block ?) – (it follows this article but more deeply…). And … Just continue your blog, it’s perfect !! I’ve done some of your recipes and they turn delicious. I wanted a blender since a long time now and couldn’t decide myself but your smoothies are EASY (for once!) and look amazing so… Thanks for all your good vibes in the “engaged” community of people who are chocked by consumerism and are trying to make changes in this world…
    Cheers from France !

  8. I have just moved house and I have so much stuff- most belonging to my children aged 15,18 & 23! Yes I am an emotional hoarder & I need to detachYou have for me put the role of possessions in perspective: memories & feelings last a life time. Thank you.

  9. Kirounamelba

    I discovered your blog and videos quite recently and love it!
    I would not define myself as minimalist but mostly an anticonsummer.
    Since my youth I fight consumerism and loathe it. So decided to make my clothes instead of buying (previously I bought nearly everything from second hand shops) and generaly buy only things that are necessary . I moved 27 times in my life for various reasons and sometimes out of money issues but I tried to keep important things like books that I like re reading or art books that inspire me and as I have been for more than 30 years an analog photographer of course I have my work to keep. So just to say that for me consumerism is one of the plague of our times and earth is much suffering of it so keep it simple and ethical the most as can be and I guess it is an another side of minimalism .

  10. Thank you for this great video! I really struggle with giving away stuff that I received as a gift. Especially if someone handcrafted something for me. It’s useless to other people if it has my name written on it, but I can’t toss it either, if I know how much time and effort the person who made it must have put in it. I used to think of vouchers and money as boring and meaningless presents, but nowadays I really appreciate them :) I think time spent together (like a nice dinner or a good movie) is the best gift anyway!

  11. This is the second time I have watched this video, and I still love it! My journey to a Lovely Life is somewhat slow and I have been in a lull for a few weeks but I am happy to say that I am re-inspired and gearing up to get rid of 1000 things this week! It will be a challenge as we’ve already gotten rid of a lot and anything my husband gets rid of is not included, but I am looking forward to having a beautiful, very hygge home in the near future!

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