MINIMALISM : how to stop shopping

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first of all, i just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who took the time and give me your hair style opinions in my last video. seems like you guys approve of my new do, so might just keep it for a while ( although i have to admit that i’m starting to miss the buns ).

anyway, let’s talk about today’s video. i was so happy to get such a positive response on my first becoming minimalist video that i posted the other week, so here’s another edition !

i figured that talking about us buying stuff and why might be a good place to start introducing minimalism for those of you who are new to the concept and lifestyle. i look forward to making tons of these becoming minimalist videos, if you’d like that ?
let me know if you have any specific areas of life you want me to talk about in a future video.

also, like i mention in the video, if you want some more inspiration about getting out of that materialist shopping cycle, check out my post 3 movies that will make you stop buying stuff and become a minimalist.


what’s your relationship to shopping ? would love to read all about your experiences and thoughts.

love // jenny

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  1. Hello Jenny,
    Just discovered you a few days ago and ” in love ”
    I shop less and less and find joy in creating solutions or letting go instead of buying.
    I switched from ” what can i buy ?” to ” what can i give ?”. So much more filling.
    Adeline from France

  2. Love what you’re wearing in the video, and especially how it compliments your lovely figure:-)
    Thanks for your tips/advice.
    Honestly, all it takes is my strong desire to finish grad school, get a higher paying job, and get out of rip-off rental hell, and into ownership world, to prevent me from over-shopping!
    Of course I could rent a cheaper place, but safety becomes an issue, amongst other undesirables, and the feeling that all my efforts to advance in life are in vain. Or I could move back home to my parents house, but that also comes with a price. Haha!
    Don’t know how minimalists feel about owning. Would like to know??

  3. When it comes to shopping, I’ve found that I don’t feel a sense of desire to go to malls anymore. Even when I’m in a bookstore or a thrift store I seriously consider if I need the items I find. I would have to give credit to this change with going to college. I’m determined to do well, and leaving the house to just walk into clothing stores just seems like a waste of time.

  4. Lovely video, thank you! The more I learn about it, the more I realise that I’m already a minimalist in many ways. I have the fewest clothes of any female I know, and the fewest shoes too :-) The only thing I don’t skimp on is books and music – no minimalism there, haha.

  5. The only thing that I needed to sort of tame myself to buy less of has been recorded music. Cutting my budget helped with this. I’ve never been one to buy too much stuff, rather one who keeps old stuff for ages. A “throwing out stuff” guide on how to be able to let go easier would be an interesting topic for a future video maybe…

    Glad you like your new hairdo. But as you say you’re missing the buns aleady, there is nothing really that’s keeping you from experimenting ;-)

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